Why Web3 Games are More than Play and Own

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3 min readJul 7, 2023


Web3 games have revolutionized the online gaming landscape by seamlessly integrating blockchain technology into gameplay mechanics, but that’s not all there is to a Web3 game! While we’ve discussed how ‘play-and-own’ is the major difference between Web2 and Web3 games, blockchain integration goes beyond just allowing people to own their digital assets.

Read on to discover why Web3 games are familiar in terms of gameplay but vastly different when it comes to external activities.

Decentralized Governance System

In the past, games were launched and released, and players would simply play with what was given to them. The game’s design and features were all prepared before the launch, and players would just receive the finished product.

Web3 games, on the other hand, are completely different. Take Outland Odyssey, for example. Even before the launch, it had alpha and beta tests. We used to have bug bounty contests where players were invited to hunt for bugs, report them, and receive rewards for successfully reporting game bugs. Web3 games involve players as an integral part of the development process.

Players not only receive the end product but are actively involved even before the game is finalized. They can provide suggestions and improvements for upgrades because they have experienced the game during the alpha and beta tests. This makes Web3 games truly feel like they belong to everyone, not just a finished product from the developers ready to be consumed by players!

Tightly-Knit Community

Just like many other games, how far you progress depends on each player’s skill level. The same game can yield different rewards based on the dedication and time invested. Some games have communities that encourage players to come together and play alongside each other. These moments provide opportunities for players to exchange tips, discuss the best ways to earn rewards, strategies for the most lucrative quests, and even show off their perfect builds.

What’s special is that you can also trade within the marketplace provided in Web3 games. Items that are no longer needed can become an additional source of income for you, and engaging with the community enhances your credibility.

Project SEED as an Ecosystem

Imagine being able to use your digital assets in various places, unlocking new possibilities and adventures. This is what sets Web2 and Web3 games apart. In Web2 games, you can only use your items within that specific game. However, in Web3 games, the possibilities are endless!

Even more, Outland Odyssey offers great opportunities because the developer doesn’t just stop at game development. As Project SEED continues to grow, more chances will arise for your assets to shine and be used in our future projects! For instance, you can acquire NFTs or SHILL tokens from event campaigns, which you can then use for staking. It’s not just about playing the game; you also have an active role in utilizing the assets you truly own!

You can join the expanding world of Web3 games by playing Outland Odyssey as your first gateway to blockchain gaming. Discover the endless possibilities of Web3 gaming as you play it!



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