Web3 Gaming and Its Key Features

Project SEED
2 min readFeb 4, 2023

Web3 games change the world of the gaming industry. Is that an exaggeration?

The answer is no! The blockchain technology implementation in the gaming industry actually shifts a lot of gaming practices. We expect Web3 games to become the next big thing in the gaming industry thanks to the new and exciting features for the players.

Web3 games bring aboard features such as player ownership, game asset interoperability, and transparent blockchain game. These make web3 games an attractive choice for both players and game developers.

Player Ownership

The most notable feature of Web3 gaming is player ownership. Conventional gaming can only allow players to own only a license to engage or use aspects of the game (paying DLC for new areas or characters, or to pull a gacha). Meanwhile Web3 games allow players to own their in-game digital assets through the use of blockchain technology.

This means that the players truly own their virtual assets and can trade, sell, or keep them for future use. This feature has opened up new opportunities for players to earn money through the buying and selling of their in-game assets.


Another feature of Web3 games is game asset interoperability. Players can transfer in-game assets easily between different games in the same metaverse. Imagine a weapon from one game can be used in another game!

Outland Odyssey, for example, will have its tradable assets & NFT usable in other games within Project SEED’s metaverse. This opens up a new alternative for players to use their assets across multiple games, making a game truly worthwhile for their time.

Transparent Gaming

Finally, Web3 games offer a transparent, non-hackable blockchain game. Blockchain technology provides a secure record of all transactions, ensuring that the game data cannot be altered or hacked. This makes it impossible for players or other parties to cheat in the game, providing a fair and transparent gaming experience.

With all the breakthroughs, Web3 gaming offer an exciting new world of gaming that brings in several new key features to the players: player ownership, interoperability, and transparent gaming. These game-changer features create a new model of games that surely will shape the future of the gaming industry, with more titles directed for players’ benefit.

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