Top 5 Features You Shouldn’t Miss in Moloch March Test

As part of our series of pre-launch tests underway for Outland Odyssey, we have kicked off our Moloch March Test with 2,500 testers selected from over 15,000 entries. This is very important as we want to build the best game for our community, and one of the ways to do that is by collecting detailed insights and actual experiences from the players themselves. So what’s new in this Moloch March Test? Read on to find out.

1. Take advantage of the environment — gathering nodes can be everywhere!

You can actively collect many types of loots scattered around Westbarren — a place featured in this Moloch March Test. As hostile as it is, Westbarren provides you with a lot of resources to help you in these thrilling adventures to save Avoria. They can be minerals, gear boxes, or even trees. That’s why we have a significant upgrade for biomes and environment in this test version. Watch out carefully where you’re going as you may find something useful. Save it to craft your powerful weapons later!

2. Item drops from Zeds

Loots in the environment are not the only items you can pick up in this test. As Outland Odyssey’s core gameplay loop will revolve around combat against wild Zeds, battling these beasts will also reward you for progressing in the game. When you defeat a Zed, they will drop an item for you to collect. These usually are their body parts and are different for certain types of Zed. For example, you can receive a Claw from Moloch, a Leg from Kanid, a Wing from Oris, and many more.

3. Crafting weapons and customizing your character

After victorious battles with Zeds and scouting the area, you can now see all the items that you have collected in the inventory. Feel free to equip Lenora with your favorite accessories! Note that each armor/combat suit will have different stats and rarity rank so make sure you make the right choice for combat.

This is the more exciting part: you can craft your own armor and weapons using these valuable drops! You will need specific ores as required materials to craft, which you can freely collect while exploring around all the areas as mentioned above. Their ability and skill stats are shown for you to keep track of each weapon better. Now you’re all set for the next challenge in combating more destructive Zeds!

4. Upgraded skills for more epic battles!

Heal skill to restore Health

This is probably one of the most desired skills that any gamers want to use while playing. And we’re excited to say we’ve got you covered in this Moloch March Test! When your health bar is getting low from battling against Zeds, just tap on this icon to heal yourself and regain health in the game. After doing this, you should be able to get full HP back and continue your combat with the beasts!

Rock throwing

You can also throw rocks at Zeds to cause damage to them before engaging in hand-to-hand combat with them. This will help you defeat them faster as these beasts will be significantly weakened after being thrown with rocks.

Electrifying by thunder

This skill will come very handy when you’re in close contact with Zeds. Imagine being surrounded by a lot of Zeds at once, you can take advantage of this thunder skill and buy yourself some time for the next move. It will also cause damage with high fatality for the Zeds.

Extreme attack

This skill is very powerful as it launches the most damage hit to the targeted enemies. When it’s fully charged, tap it to see how the Zed is defeated under your weapon. In some cases when the Zeds are partially beaten before, this sole skill can take them down with just one hit.

Dodge Zeds

You can actively dodge Zeds by using this skill when they’re approaching you. This will take you away from the beasts in a certain range. Strategically utilize this during combat to win more epic battles!

Swift movement

This skill allows you to quickly move away from the current engaging scene, leveling up your mobility in the game. Players can use this to either enter or get out of combat, effectively raising up your chance to win battles.

5. Receiving O2 tokens

As you may know, O2 is our in-game token to be used in Outland Odyssey with many use cases. In the Moloch March Test, you will receive some O2 tokens as rewards for completing a quest, aside from the items collected during the journey. As we officially launch the game, O2 tokens will be very important and useful when you dive into our gaming metaverse.

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