TOKYO GAME SHOW where Fun and Excitement Meets Project SEED

Tokyo Game Show is renowned for its conventional gaming exhibition that attracts hundreds to thousands of visitors. After being absent for two years, the event is back in 2022 with welcomed anticipation and eagerness from both visitors and exhibitors alike.

Project SEED has been keen to spread and market its first game title. Outland Odyssey, to a broader audience and sees this as a well-timed opportunity. The studio considers the event to give a chance for the studio to reach out to conventional gamers, public eyes, and the Japan market by attending the Tokyo Game Show 2022.

Guests’ Enthusiasm to Outland Odyssey

Set to display on September 15–16th, 2022, Project SEED sent representatives: Pond Chutrakul (Chief Creative Officer) and Patra Hatajich from the creative team to set up the studio’s booth in Tokyo Game Show.

Total guests coming to Tokyo Game Show during the two days are as many as 44,117 persons (Famitsu). Though it only lasted for two days, guests were pouring in and the booth gained tremendous positive feedback from people playing Outland Odyssey, asking about the crypto environment, and future prospects of the game.

In the throng of enthusiastic guests, Pond and Patra even found themselves hard to sit down as the stream of visitors to Outland Odyssey’s booth was steadily coming.

People find the game to be of high quality and the quirky hexagon design of the game’s booklet sure caught people’s attention!

Project SEED Growing Popularity

During the time when the team was representing the studio, the online presence of Project SEED happened to soar too. After TGS day one wrapped up, the reception in social searches increased by 12%. Not only that, the studio is listed as the top five highest influences in the GameFi category on BNB Chain.

Project SEED would like to give out heartfelt gratitude for the positivity and enthusiasm we got both online and offline during the Tokyo Game Show!

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