The Effects of Juiciness in an Action RPG

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2 min readJan 26, 2023

Action RPG has this “juiciness” in its element that often means over-the-top, satisfying visual effects. But more than that, “juiciness” in video games also means “excessive positive feedback” that makes both the game and players feel alive. In this article, we’ll talk about that juiciness in video games, specifically action RPGs.

Action RPG usually has enticing visual effects, engaging fights and good story development as its main elements. What makes them feel so “juicy” to players?


Action RPG often features shiny, cool, and over-the-top effects to create a visually stunning and immersive experience for players. From smooth combo to the feel when attacks connect to the enemy, they spark players’ satisfaction and immerse them in the game world.

It turns out that graphics inside gaming environments affect its users (Kao, 2020). The visual effects add to the excitement of the game, making it more engaging and enjoyable for players.

Players often get hooked into a game thanks to the positive feedback it generates: a sense of progression after leveling up, farming materials, crafting the sought weapon, and even a sense of completion after finishing a quest.

Progress in Numbers

Games often promote endorphins in our brain as we easily progress and finish things, even when idly defeating enemies as they will always give a result. Unlike real life where stages are not marked and we cannot see how many EXP points we get after a long work day, the game gives you numerical rewards after hours of gameplay.

When players get positive feedback like this, they are more likely to be drawn into the game, and as a result, they are more likely to spend more time playing and engaging with it. This is because players are motivated to continue playing in order to experience more satisfying gameplay and to see more of the cool effects. Furthermore, the sense of progression and accomplishment that comes with leveling up and acquiring new abilities also contributes to player engagement.

Outland Odyssey as an action RPG game is sure to be a hit with players due to its visually stunning and immersive effects that will keep them engaged and wanting more. The game is designed to be visually stunning with over-the-top effects that will immerse players in the game world.

The gameplay is also designed to be engaging and satisfying, with a sense of progression and accomplishment that will keep players coming back for more. All of these elements combined make for a truly enjoyable and satisfying gaming experience.

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