Safe Trading and Using SHILL Token

There are several marketplaces that trade in cryptocurrency nowadays. Project SEED would like to remind and advise everyone that our SHILL token should be traded in our officially listed Centralized Exchanges and Decentralized Exchanges only. For more details, please head to our page here to find all the information about SHILL token.

Buying and Trading Your SHILL

SHILL is Project SEED’s token that is an interoperable multichain token between the Solana and BNB chain, enabling flexibility for users to use the chains they prefer.

SHILL token has been officially listed in 6 CEX and 3 DEX as below:

  1. Decentralized Exchanges (to buy SHILL token without giving up control to an intermediary)

2. Centralized Exchanges (to buy SHILL token with the help of secure third party)

These bring us to a total of 9 official exchange platforms.

We value everyone’s convenience and secure wallet. Please double check and make sure if the Smart Contact Address of SHILL token matches either of these:

BNB Chain: 0xfb9C339b4BacE4Fe63ccc1dd9a3c3C531441D5fE

SOLANA: 6cVgJUqo4nmvQpbgrDZwyfd6RwWw5bfnCamS3M9N1fd

What are SHILL for?

Project SEED is creating a metaverse of game titles that is built on a play-and-earn ecosystem. We just released a public beta test for our first entry in metaverse building, the game titled Outland Odyssey. SHILL token is our base currency to be used between them with varying usages both in-game and out, such as:

  • Dungeon Creator

SHILL Token holders can receive passive income by creating dungeons for other players to farm and loot materials. Each dungeon has a unique ID attached to the blockchain.

  • Staking

Project SEED’s play-and-earn system lets players earn SHILL tokens and be able to stake it at different platforms. This could serve as an alternative to gain passive income, by committing a certain amount of tokens and gaining a percentage-rate reward over idle times.

  • Item Enhancement

Players can enhance their game items and mint it as NFT by using the SHILL token in its process.

  • NFT Crafting

Soon our in-game assets will be able to be minted as NFT (e.g. upgraded weapon, ZED companion in Outland Odyssey). NFT minting requires players to use SHILL. We aim to provide a marketplace for the NFTs to be able to be traded and rented to generate income for players.

  • NFT Marketplace

SHILL token will be a payment currency option on our NFT marketplace. The marketplace will offer two types of service: BUY/SELL and RENTAL system.

Project SEED strives to make a secure environment for players and traders alike. We hope that our SHILL token may be traded safely across the platforms!

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Project SEED is a gaming ecosystem built on a blockchain with a strategic focus on mobile devices; includes Game Studio, DEX, NFT marketplace along with Wallet