Reveal Top Game Influencers to Aboard Strix Open Beta Test

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3 min readJun 2, 2022


Project SEED is excited to announce the leading game influencers lineup that will be joining our Strix Beta Release as Special Guest Testers. With each day and each test being run, we have finally reached the new stage. We know that inclusivity in Project SEED’s journey is a winning factor to keep our audience engaged, so we decided to bring notable game influencers aboard in our public Strix Beta Release!

Who are the Influencers?

Project SEED is collaborating with notable influencers whose opinion we highly appreciate to gain an even broader reach in the gaming community and to celebrate the game’s very first public access!

On board in Strix Beta Release (June 6, 2022), we have:

Among these active influencers in the gaming industry, Sky Wee is famous for their game stream ranging from 5 to 8 hours and has amazing 1,324,000 followers count. With game stream consistently coming from Mobile Legends fans, their stream is deemed most popular in facebook gaming community for boasting the skins that Sky Wee streamed during the live gameplay. We look forward to how he’ll main Lenora in Outland Odyssey hunt!

Project SEED found a gem in between streamers in gaming industry. Kim Pacheco “Kapitana”, the Phillipine-based game streamer, once gained peak viewers at 19k count. In just 20 days, she had raked in 600k+ followers. We are convinced that bringing her aboard to Strix Beta Release would incite excitement among the gamers to hunt together with her.

We know Outland Odyssey needs a lot of improvement and to get its name out there with the public, so our valued game streamers will surely help enrich everyone’s experience in playing Outland Odyssey. Being simultaneously streamed by 10 influencers, there is sure going to be a lot of fun in gameplay and put the game on the public’s radar. How will the top players in other mobile games fare in hunting on Outland Odyssey?

Game Influencers to Boost Game Environment

We chose these influencers that we believe align their vision and interest with Outland Odyssey’s environment. With the game influencers bringing forth their huge fan base on board, Project SEED is optimistic that this time’s Outland Odyssey will reach an even broader audience both as players and viewers.

With the game being streamed by top influencers, we can also expect the Outland Odyssey community to grow and socialise in greater numbers. The live chat during the stream will bring forth the great points of interest that people enjoy seeing and playing. Streamers made it possible for the community to experience firsthand the game’s best feature in massive distribution. Project SEED hopes to see more of this genuine relationship, of streamers, players, and viewers, interacting in the same live event!

Project SEED appreciates everyone’s enthusiasm and help in coming this far. We want your contribution to be rewarded, so we make the Bug Bounty campaign with a prize reward for anyone fast enough to report the bug in the Beta test! So even if you may shy away from hunting the monsters (we call it Zed, by the way!) and competing with the top game influencers, you might have better luck in finding bugs and winning a reward at the same time!

Get ready to experience the new game environment, right in your palm.

See you on Strix Beta Release on June 6th, 2022!

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