Project SEED’s Growing Popularity in September 2022

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4 min readOct 19, 2022

September had been an awesome experience for Project SEED as a whole. The month marks the studio’s growing presence in both the offline and online world.

The most notable experiences in September came from Tokyo Game Show and Token 2049 event attendance. The studio cannot be prouder with how well-recepted the game is in people’s welcoming discussion.

Project SEED’s Success in Tokyo Game Show

Project SEED received a lot of attention at the Tokyo Game Show that was held on September 15–16th, 2022. The booth was crowded with guests and many people coming and playing the game. Many visitors came to the studio’s booth and engaged in discussion about the Free to Play-and-Earn nature, as well as topics about NFT within the game. This is also thanks to the sent representatives who were able to talk and explain extensively about the game to visitors and show them how it works.

Total guests coming to Tokyo Game Show during the two days are as many as 44,117 persons (Famitsu). Though it only lasted for two days, the booth gained tremendous positive feedback from people playing Outland Odyssey. This event became an important activity for publicising Outland Odyssey to reach conventional gamers, in tandem with the studio’s aim to bridge the gap between crypto games and traditional players.

The enthusiasm for Project SEED’s product was clear to see in the booth as guests were crowding it all day long. Project SEED’s popularity also grew thanks to the attention the studio was getting from this event. As the social media posted a lot of live photos during the event, the reception in social searches increased by 12%.

Astounding Crypto Presence in Token 2049

Setting off after the success in a conventional game conference, Project SEED then attended Token 2049, an event held in Singapore on 28–29 September 2022. The environment was totally different from Tokyo Game Show as this event was dedicated to cryptocurrency, web3, and blockchain technology that gathers top names across South East Asia.

Token 2049 is one of the largest crypto events in Asia. Project SEED is excited to participate as a developer of blockchain games with its first game, Outland Odyssey, as its primary focus (which is currently in the beta stage). In contrast to game cons, Project SEED are having more discussion about the potential of blockchain technology with other participants at this conference.

Project SEED’s booth gathered visitors of around 170 people per day on average, much to the studio’s satisfaction. The majority of the guests attending are into web3, DeFi, NFT and metaverse, so discussions happened in the booth in quite a detailed way. The studio was honored when the prestigious #Boxmining visited the booth and tried Outland Odyssey firsthand on the site.

Project SEED Growing Social Presence

The two events, combined with the frequency of updates in social media covering about the studio’s activities during the period sure help getting Project SEED names in online channels.

Although Outland Odyssey hasn’t had its official launch yet, the game project is already mentioned as the Top 2 Gainers on Solana blockchain. Not only that, the studio is listed as the top five highest influences in the GameFi category on BNB Chain, with Outland Odyssey being one of the top three trending on crypto games. The studio and its project has also been mentioned oftentimes in Twitter, mostly for its activity, presence, and growing social presence in social media.

It is astounding how socially developed our team is by the end of September. Project SEED will look forward to even more growth in other sectors as well in future months. Cheers to everyone’s hard work and the growing network!

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