Project SEED’s CEO Answers about Game Launch, Staking, and Future Prospects

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3 min readJul 18, 2023

Over 520 people tuned in to our last AMA on July 6th, where the CEO of Project SEED took the mic to engage with the community himself!

From the highly anticipated game launch to staking opportunities and the future prospects within the Project SEED ecosystem, there were 500+ questions submitted, in which 15 were chosen and asked during the AMA session. Join us as we recap the highlights of this event with the CEO’s responses!

Game Launch

One of the most eagerly anticipated topics during the AMA was the game launch. The CEO provided exclusive insights that the game will launch soon in mid 2023. Not only one single game launch, he also mentioned the launch of staking and marketplace to precede it! To quote him directly, “There will be a lot of launches in the next two months so stay tuned.”

Other questions asked for the game include: the portrait and landscape game mode, the possibility of a tournament or MMO style, and the marketplace for Outland Odyssey. Liko answered that as the game’s community is very diverse, of course there are tons of different preferences as well. He mentioned that landscape mode will make a re-appearance as an option, while having MMO might need quite a sacrifice as it would limit the audience as it requires higher-end phone models to retain the graphic quality.

He also explained in detail how the Outland Odyssey marketplace will be very different to others as the NFT listed in our marketplace is curated and specific to our partners and games from the Project SEED ecosystem. Credibility would be high as there wouldn’t be unknown people selling unknown NFT.

Staking Opportunities

Staking has become a prominent aspect of the blockchain gaming ecosystem, and participants were eager to learn about staking opportunities within Project SEED. The CEO disclosed that staking will be launched closer to the game’s release, as the company wants to ensure that when they launch a product, there are use cases and benefits for the users.

If players stake their tokens, they can receive in-game benefits, VIP leveling, and so on. There are still many more features in the Project SEED plan for stakers! We hope that staking can be an exciting prospect for community members looking to actively engage and support the project.

Future Prospects

The AMA session also explored the vast potential and future prospects within the Project SEED ecosystem. The CEO provided sneak peeks about other projects on the horizon, from GameFi, SEED Launcher, whitepaper and game language localization, to GROW program. He also talked about the marketing strategy he’s currently approaching for the preparation of the game launch. Do tune in to the recording if you want to listen to his detailed explanations!

Community’s Value

This AMA session is an example of Project SEED’s commitment to be open and transparent to the community who have supported us this far. With individual questions that allow a direct engagement with the CEO, Project SEED hopes to create an even greater inclusivity. The session showcased the value placed on community feedback and the project’s dedication to building strong relationships with its supporters.

Join the Project SEED community today to stay informed, never lose the chance to participate in limited events, and engage with Web3 enthusiasts! Exciting times are on the horizon, and the AMA session was just the beginning of an incredible journey with Project SEED!



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