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Project SEED is excited to share that we had a successful AMA with our most recent partner — GEMS, an Esports 3.0 aggregator platform that is designed to be the ultimate, one-stop GameFi destination, connecting crypto gamers both online and offline. The AMA was hosted on our Telegram Global channel with more than 100,000 members with a guest speaker, Andy Koh — CEO of GEMS to answer questions from our community. Read on for a recap of this AMA session between Project SEED and GEMS.

AMA Agenda

  • Segment 1: Our host asked the GEMS Team a few questions.
  • Segment 2: Answering 3 Twitter community questions.
  • Segment 3: Opening the chat to pick 2 winning questions.
  • Segment 4: Live quiz with the community, we asked the 5 questions and Andy picked the winners.

AMA Summary

Segment 1 — GEMS answering questions from our host

Q: Could you describe to us your project “GEMS”. What is your project about and how can we see it in action?

A: GEMS is an Esports 3.0 aggregator platform within an O2O ecosystem.

Besides being an ESPORTS 3.0 aggregator we would like to build an ecosystem that enables all types of users even non-gamers to be a part of this with features with DeFi features like DeFi union, DAO Guild!

Through all the product features and vision we want to build a 1-STOP GAMER destination for all gamer’s needs and also benefit users such as FANS, GAME DEVELOPERS, INFLUENCERS and KOLS to use our GEMS tokens within the ESPORTS ecosystem.

GEMS is also moving along with Web 3.0 which is to bring blockchain to all users based on the future and current demand.

Q: Can you please explain the Esports 3.0 and O2O part that is correlated to GEMS? What is the vision behind this?

A: In my first part I mentioned being a gaming aggregator where we host all the GAMEFI and also traditional games on our platform. However, GameFi is missing Esports tournament which allows gamers to have a chance to win top prizes thus more economy opportunities for gamers like you.

New play-and-earn games can join our platform and use our Esports tournament modules to organize matches on our system and connect to their games using our SDK.

1st — We connect games.

2nd — We offer Esports features for games companies and developers. In this case, they’re GameFi’s or blockchain partners.

3rd — We install our GEMS platform on all the Esports PC via our offline partners opening hotels in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

So this 020 is unique as we leverage on our ARENA ESPORTS HOTEL where gamers are mostly staying.




Q: What is GEMS current focus and what are the future plans for GEMS?

A: Our current focus can be broken down into a few parts as we have successfully completed our private funding and technology partner integration. We are targeting IDO on the next bull run so that investors like you can ride on the best wave to capitalize on your investment.

Also, we have confirmed a few top-tier launchpads and are selecting what is the best for us in terms of strategic partnership. For example, we can work with launchpads who also can bring us more gaming partners to join our platform and not just purely an investment.

As for the product, we focus on gamers hence the urgency to made NFT available to gamers is our MAIN priority through our NFT Rental and Installment Options.

Marketing side, we are working with many top online PR coverages from Bloomberg, Yahoo Finance, CNBC, etc. Also will be working with Esports, Gaming community group to bring Esports 3.0 into blockchain.

Q: What are the token utility for GEMS?


GEMS Usage Token on each touchpoint.

Q: Could you please share with us the use cases and utility that GEMS will bring to the ecosystem?


Benefits for new blockchain gamers

Benefits for Esports players

Benefits for new metaverse users

Last but not least, our SocialFi

Benefit aspiring influencers

Benefits for all within the Esports 3.0 Ecosystem.

The team is on RED BULL preparing the best so can we capitalize on the next BULL RUN and WIN every day.

Segment 2 — Answering 3 Twitter community questions

Q: Partners are very important for the project, especially in the long term. Can you please list some of the partnerships of #GEMS? Do you plan to be active in having more partners in the future? From @zernetska

A: There are 3 main parts in terms of partnership:

1. Ecosystem Technology Partners

2. Blockchain Game Partners

3. Gamers

1. Our TOP Technology ecosystem partners in the blockchain world.

2. Blockchain Game Partners such as very successful partners like Project SEED, FOTA, Cross The Ages, Dream Quest, and many more.

3. Gamers are our most important drivers also which is why we will leverage on our OFFLINE partners to drive local community offline events and to do more awareness through local community and speak in their local language in the ever-challenging SEA landscape.

Q: How can #GEMS token’s role as a bridge between networks contribute to the cryptocurrency universe in the long run? From @lena_glukhov

A: Our NFT marketplace is now able to support polygon, ETH, HECO, OEC, and BSC also might be supporting KCC and METIS soon. Also, we will extend our NFT MARKETPLACE solution to our GameFi partner’s who have not yet implemented the marketplace as well.

Q: Lending, Borrowing, and other DeFi services are so much repeated in many DeFi projects, so what is the real innovation that GEMS is bringing to DeFi? What are you able to do that others cannot? From @Belousovaanaw

A: As a gaming aggregator we also will be working directly with partners to create POPULAR, SPECIAL, LIMITED, RARE NFT for GEMS to allow gamers to rent or buy paying in installment.

So working with other play-and-earn partners and being able to list many games on our platform enables gamers and us to be the global leader in providing additional services together. More platform to market means more awareness for game developers as well as GEMS.

Segment 3 — Picking 2 winning questions

Q: Can you share some details about recent major achievements done by your project? Also, what are the future roadmap & targets of your project?

A: We have raised very successfully on our private rounds and hence now we are focusing on having the public support. Over the past month, we have attracted VCs and blockchain investors to invest in our project e.g. GAIN Associates, DEXForce, AvStar Capital, and many more. We really appreciate your support.

With that being said, we are having over 40+ ecosystem partners including on the GameFi heavyweight segment such as Dreams Quest, Project SEED, and many more.

Q: Can you explain how is your Tokenomics Distribution? How many tokens will be minted? And How many tokens will be locked by the team?





Segment 4 — Live quiz

  1. How many major components does GEMS have?

@Troy: 4 major components

2. Who are the founders of GEMS?

@Jaki: LABS Group, Arena Esports Hotel, Game One

3. How many offline touchpoints do GEMS want to expand to?

@Phong Dương: 50

4. What is the first product that GEMS will be launching?

@Coco T: NFT Rental Portal

5. What was the theme of the Binance live event that GEMS co-hosted?

@Irfane: #Metaverse: A whole new world

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