Project SEED website revamp kicks off a stepping stone to more ambitious plans

Project SEED
2 min readMay 18, 2022


Project SEED is glad to officially introduce a brand new version of our website, pressing on our commitment to continue providing what’s best for our users and investors. This is also a work dedicated to all of our community members, as it’s built based on your valuable feedback after all these times. It is now available to visit at:

This new website of Project SEED is the result of our concerted efforts and dedication over the past months, stepping forward in our master plan to fuel more upcoming product growth. It not only covers a more dynamic interface where we have a user-centric approach at heart but also provides a one-stop solution for anyone who is looking to learn more about our project. We’re proud to say that this has unlocked another achievement in our continued journey to further improve and build a wide range of products that Project SEED is working on.

There are many features to provide optimal access to exploring our business as a whole on our new website. It presents our entire metaverse ecosystem from Game Studio, DeFi, DAO, Grow Program, and SEED Launcher, all packed in a fresh look. You will be able to navigate easily through our broad spectrum of Web3 products in just a few clicks, where all information about our project is displayed with transparency, inclusion, and accessibility.

More specifically, the website has also been revamped to cover comprehensive game-focused elements, paving the way for our launch of Outland Odyssey and many more games to come in the future. This site allows you to dive into our exciting gaming world, with all your favorite characters and weapons to explore before playing the game.

We’re definitely not stopping here. You can expect more upgrades and improvements to be released soon. Regarding this new website launch, we look forward to receiving your further feedback to continue building a better portal to Project SEED for all. Now feel free to take a tour of our latest website and do not hesitate to share your thoughts and recommendations with us!

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Project SEED is a gaming ecosystem built on a blockchain with a strategic focus on mobile devices; includes Game Studio, DEX, NFT marketplace along with Wallet