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2 min readMay 10, 2022


Following our recent teaser about the upcoming event that our CEO will be speaking in May 2022, we would like to kick off our Roadshow Event Tour, featuring a series of events and conferences that Project SEED will join and bring our product directly to users. The events will revolve around blockchain, crypto, NFTs, gaming, and many more burning topics in this ever-changing metaverse space.

Where and when

Starting off with a bustling event held in Florida, our leadership team will pack up our gear and go on a world event tour continuously afterwards. We will be travelling from country to country to bring our project to a global audience, from the USA to France, Canada, Japan, Singapore, and many other places. You can expect us to speak and exhibit our game at these highly sought-after conferences and game show of these countries in May 2022, lasting till the end of this year.

Why we’re doing this

At Project SEED, our mission is to disrupt and revolutionise the current blockchain gaming ecosystem. There are several problems in this space that we try to solve, however in one simple sentence, Project SEED is eliminating the entry barrier into blockchain gaming. Now that our project is starting to gain momentum, one of the decisive steps to take right now is to bring it out into the world and reach our prospective users and audience directly on a global level.

With this Roadshow Event Tour, we expect to bring Project SEED directly to more than 200,000 people across 3 continents. Engaging in these events and conferences also allows us to meet people face to face beyond their normal territory, making the interaction more meaningful than ever. Our CEO — Liko Subakti will give exciting and informative presentations about Project SEED and how we can transform the current blockchain gaming industry:

  • Panel discussion in Florida, The USA
  • Keynote speaker in Paris, France
  • Keynote speaker in Toronto, Canada
  • Game booth exhibition in Tokyo, Japan
  • Premier exhibition in Singapore

To make the venue more immersive, we also have our interactive game booth in each event that we go to. The participants of our events will be able to experience Project SEED before their eyes, watching us going live on stage, speaking to our development team directly, and even playing our game on site!

More detailed information about the events in our Roadshow Event Tour will be released closer to each’s starting date. Stay tuned for the whole series!

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