Project SEED: Lunar New Year Giveaway Event

To celebrate the Year of the Tiger 2022, Project SEED would like to host a giveaway to express our gratitude to the users who have trusted and supported us in 2021. It’s a precious opportunity for our beloved users to secure Outland Odyssey NFT before most of the others.

The rules of the event are very easy. You just need to enter our Gleam link below and complete all the tasks. We dedicated our time to design an amazing telegram profile picture for you to set on your own and enjoy the Lunar New Year vibe.

50 lucky winners will be selected at random by Gleam. The 50 lucky winners will share the prize pool of 8888 $SHILL tokens and 50 NFT Whitelists. In particular, we will organize a lucky wheel spinning livestream on Project SEED’s Youtube channel on January 29, 2022 to find 10 finalists aka champions. Each champion will get an extra NFT in Outland Odyssey — the Project SEED’s first game.

How To Enter

Complete the following tasks outlined below by following our gleam link here:

  1. Follow @ProjectSEEDGame on Twitter here
  2. Retweet the giveaway post here
  3. Subscribe to the Project SEED Youtube Channel here.
  4. Follow the Project SEED Telegram Announcement Channel here
  5. Join the Project SEED Telegram chat here
  6. Follow @ProjectSEEDGame on Instagram here
  7. Like and follow the Project SEED Facebook Fanpage here
  8. Add $SHILL to your watchlist on Coinmarketcap here
  9. Join the Project SEED Discord server here
  10. Set “Project SEED Happy New Tiger Year” as your telegram profile image and do not change the avatar during the campaign period! Download here!
Project SEED Happy New Tiger Year

11. Ask Project SEED CEO a question?


Total Prize: 8888 $SHILL + 10 Free NFT + 50 Buy NFT Slot

  • 10 winners: each receives 177.76 $SHILL + 1 NFT + 1 Whitelist NFT
  • 40 runner-ups: each receive 177.76 $SHILL + 1 Whitelist NFT

*Prizes for NFT will be announced later


Jan.24 — Giveaway Begin

Jan.28 — Giveaway End

Jan.29–50 lucky winners will be chosen randomly by Gleam

Jan.29 — Finalists are announced

Jan.29 — The lucky wheel on Project SEED Youtube Live Stream to choose 10 Winners

Jan.30 — Winners, and Runner-ups are announced

**The dates above are subject to change without prior notice.

Follow Project SEED for more exciting news and updates in the future:









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Project SEED

Project SEED is a gaming ecosystem built on a blockchain with a strategic focus on mobile devices; includes Game Studio, DEX, NFT marketplace along with Wallet