Project SEED June Update

Our beloved SHILLERs, can't believe June has gone by and today we would like to wrap up our activity in last month.

Although the cryptocurrency market has been up and down, we continue to build our product. War doesn’t determine who is right, only who is left.

In June, we made a huge progress in terms of product and community

1. Project SEED has 4x the number of staff. Now we are a team of 40 people. We onboarded more game developers, gameplay designers, animators and 3D artists to work on the best player experience.

2. We surpassed 170 other competitors and rank at 34th in the ranking of 100 blockchain games.

3. CHOOSE YOUR SIDE minigame and Project SEED Quiz Tournament were wrapped up with +3K entrants. We will have more community activities soon. Join us on telegram and discord to update the latest information.

4. We also join great AMAs in Global, Indian, Korean, Vietnamese and Indonesian communities including GAINS Associates, Games of Bitcoin, Shin Chan, Nano News, Minted Lab, The AMA Group, Cyber One group and Black Mamba Ventures.

5. Project SEED x COINPOST for the beautiful interview with our Game Master

6. Business Insider published an article to learn how Project SEED build RPG

7. Organize the Quiz Tournament event with a Pool Prize of 600 USDT

8. Project SEED x OIG Oracles Investment Group Strategic Partnership

9. Project SEED is listed on CoinMarketCap (be sure to add #ProjectSEED to your watch list)

10. Project SEED received the strategic investment from GAINS Associates — the world first decentralized VC

11. Project SEED received funds from Solar Eco Fund — a high reputation VC since 2013

12. Project SEED x Black Dragon Strategic Partnership

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