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4 min readSep 14, 2022

August had been a busy month for Project SEED and Outland Odyssey as a whole. Project SEED cannot be more proud of the achievements gained in the past month and these are all in due support of people’s contribution and the community’s enthusiasm.

SHILL declared a legal token in Indonesia

On August 10th, 2022, SHILL was announced as one of the legal cryptocurrencies in Indonesia (Regulation of Trades in Commodities Future Supervision number 11 the year 2022).

This positive news has been covered by many major online publications in Indonesia as well, like and In and, even, the SHILL token is mentioned as the 10 representative tokens out of 383.

This is a major breakthrough for Project SEED to secure digital tokenomics across the global market.

Project SEED featuring in several events

The good news did not stop only at SHILL news. Project SEED continues on its global advance by attending the Futurist conference, getting represented in Gamecons, and holding AMA (Ask Me Anything) in collaboration, and so on.

Futurist attendance

Project SEED headed to Toronto, Canada in August 9–10, 2022. As the event’s gold sponsor, the lead designer, Chua Kok Tung, presented a speech in the conference. Project SEED gained important insight into how the game appeals to players across various age levels. The booth was delighted with the presence of parents and kids who were excited to try Outland Odyssey, while many crypto enthusiasts were eagerly asking about the game’s economy.

Prasetiya Mulya University

On August 10, 2022, Project SEED’s CEO Liko Subakti took on a rare role as a surprise guest to attend and deliver a speech to new students onboarding in Prasetiya Mulya University, one of the top private universities in Jakarta, Indonesia. Project SEED is proud of the chance and honor were given to be able to reach out to future academicians to broaden and open more opportunities for the world of the crypto game.

Featured in Gamecons

One of the surprises that Project SEED gained in August was being chosen by Blockchain Game Alliance as one of their representative game. Outland Odyssey was given high regard in quality and graphics, and the game is featured in Blockchain Game Alliance’s presentation in Gamecons in Germany on August 23–28, 2022. This event is mostly reserved for conventional video games, Project SEED is honored to be able to be featured against a lot of amazing titles on display.

AMA with gains Associates & BYBIT

Project SEED is back with AMA (Ask Me Anything) session in collaboration with partners. August brings forth two sessions of AMAs, with Gains Associate as one of our important investors and BYBIT respectively. Project SEED hopes that the studio can maintain a good and close relationship with players and the community. Hence the chances for these AMA to answer questions directly from users are incredibly important and welcomed.

Project SEED’s booming social presence

Project SEED gained several notable exposures in August. Not only through community words and players by engaging in Outland Odyssey, its development, and social media, the studio gained recognition in being mentioned on crypto news and achievements.

A social platform for BNB chain daily news, BSC Instantly, listed Outland Odyssey within the top three for its social activity in August. The game is also mentioned along with big crypto game titles like Axie Infinity and The Sandbox by Zone_Playtoearn (a twitter news outlet with follower number reaching 179k) for social score.

It doesn’t stop with only Outland Odyssey getting the spotlight, Project SEED’s $SHILL is also listed as one of the top 5 top gainers in Solana ecosystem by solana_daily. $SHILL is also mentioned in top 10 Solana Ecosystem PJTs by Undervaluation Index by Cryptolaxy, a social media site dedicated to crypto market changes and analysis, comparisons, and other related news.

Project SEED x Outland Odyssey

Outland Odyssey is keep being polished day by day by developers meticulously and Bug Bounty is the bridge that connects players with the developer team closely through bug reports. Just like the Bug Bounty in both June and July, the August Bug Bounty also gained a lot of entries. Project SEED decided to add one new rank: MVP for players with the most significant amount of reports compared to the rest.

August becomes a busy month for Outland Odyssey players and developers alike as major update 4.0 becomes available. The update v 4.0 brings forth a number of improvements that made the game look vastly different compared to its state in June.

Zed Companion

Outland Odyssey puts out Zed companion in its test, now players can use the advantage of having a friendly Zed to assist the hunts and fighting the monsters. These Zed companions are available at quests starting from map 2 and further.

Changed Camera and Attack Animation

The line of attacks from Zed has been improved much with animation and so does Lenora’s skills. The battle effects are now flashier than ever in v 0.4 with the added detail that immerses players even more. Moloch in the wild is also adjusted to be more ferocious to increase the difficulty in an engaging manner.

Changes are also made in Hunter’s Hub where players roam to get a quest or to craft weapons and armor, as many places are now slanted in a closer angle so the world feels more alive than the state in its first beta release.

Thus, August has been a very eventful month for Project SEED as a studio and Outland Odyssey itself. Project SEED is looking forward to bringing more good news in the coming month, especially with the plan to attend the biggest conventional gaming event in Japan: the Tokyo Game Show and in Singapore with TOKEN 2049. Project SEED to the moon!










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