Project SEED: Commitment to the Future of Gaming

On August 9–10th, 2022, Project SEED came to Toronto as the official sponsor and participant for Futurist 2022 event. This year’s Futurist is the 4th annual conference that brings together leading figures and experts in blockchain technology, crypto, DeFi, Gaming, and several other areas.

A Talk in Crypto-Game Industry

The event is joined with many top names from the leading blockchain industry. Among them, there are Ethereum, Cosmos, Ripple Labs, Tether, Hedera, ANKR, and so on. Chua Kok Tung, Project SEED’s Lead Game Designer is representing the company in the talk session. Along with many notable figures, such as Vitalik, the Founder of Ethereum, Ethan Bunchman from Cosmos, Project SEED delivered its solution and commitment to pursue the balance of GameFi and impressive gaming experience. The event is joined by many more top names from the leading blockchain industry, among them there are Ethereum, Cosmos, Ripple Labs, Tether, Hedera, ANKR, and so on.

Project SEED has been pushing to realize the crypto game that will appeal to both crypto enthusiasts and the general public in the gamers community, as such was floored by Kok Tung in his speech on “The Future of Gaming”. He believed that blockchain implementation will offer solutions and major improvements to the next level in the gaming industry. Among other top names are Ripple Labs, Tether, Hedera, ANKR, and so on.

Dedication to Community

Project SEED sees that to overcome the barrier dividing general gamers and crypto enthusiasts, Outland Odyssey needs to be easily accessed by anyone with any knowledge of cryptocurrency or none at all. This inclusivity is the basis of why Project SEED decided to invite four members of its community to attend Futurist 2022 for free.

The exhibition in Toronto went smoothly with several joiners visiting our three-people team. This time, Project SEED is represented by Chua Kok Tung, the Lead Game Designer, Ribka, the Community Lead

Jenny Park, the Character Concept Artist, and Tom Haeschke, the Game Designer. With a team of designers and community lead, Project SEED hopes to display more on Outland Odyssey’s lush environment and future planned areas in the world of Avoria.

Futurist 2022 becomes an achievement for Project SEED that the studio is able to exhibit the project, deliver the product to general mass, and to participate in a prestigious and most high profile Blockchain and Cryptocurrency conference in Toronto, Canada.

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Project SEED

Project SEED is a gaming ecosystem built on a blockchain with a strategic focus on mobile devices; includes Game Studio, DEX, NFT marketplace along with Wallet