Project SEED & CoinMarketCap Exclusive Airdrop

Project SEED is celebrating 10,000 members on Telegram and 10,000 followers on Twitter with the biggest airdrop ever! This is a new milestone to be marked.

Our campaign with CoinMarketCap will be airdropping US$20,000 worth of Shill tokens to our community. 2000 winners will be one step closer to our blockchain gaming platform. Be ready and earn the hottest bounty to use in our upcoming projects.

How to participate in our airdrop:


  1. Go to and search for Project SEED
  2. Add Project SEED to your CoinMarketCap watchlist:
  3. Follow our Twitter account:
  4. Retweet the Project SEED Tokens Airdrop event with hashtag #SHILLAirdrop and tag 3 of your best friends that love Project SEED.
  5. Join our Telegram community:
  6. Follow our announcement channel:
  7. Follow our Facebook Page:
  8. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:
  9. Fill in the airdrop form and leave your ERC20 address. The form will be available on once the event starts.


For better chances of winning, make sure to follow our Instagram:

We will airdrop SHILL tokens to 2000 winners to their wallet address and officially announce the winners on our social media channels. Find out more on for the latest update!

What is $SHILL Token?

SHILL token is the utility token used in the ecosystem, whether for trading, staking, or voting (DAO). Players use $SHILL as a native currency in Project SEED’s game universe for payment method, store of values and standard of deferred payment. Check out this link to learn more SHILL token utility.

Terms & conditions:

Project SEED will use the closing price of SHILL on the day 30th after TGE as the exchange rate used for distribution.

Project SEED is solely responsible for the selection and distribution of tokens to the winners.

All bots and duplicate entries are automatically disqualified.

Project SEED will not be held liable for unexpected circumstances that force the event to be discontinued

Participants must complete Task 1–9 to qualify.
We want to reward the most engaged community members, so users who complete the bonus task will be prioritized first before other participants.

The list of winners will be announced on our social media channels within 2 days after the campaign has ended

The winners will be determined by Project SEED on a random basis

Participants must fill in the CMC airdrop form in order to be eligible for the airdrop.

Each user will only win once, ash trades or illegally bulk registered accounts, as well as trades that display attributes of self-dealing or market manipulation will be disqualified.

Project SEED is a gaming ecosystem built on a blockchain with a strategic focus on mobile devices; includes Game Studio, DEX, NFT marketplace along with Wallet