Project SEED Announces Partnership With MetaFi to Bolster NFTs Dev

Project SEED
2 min readMar 3, 2022


Project SEED is proud to announce our freshly minted partnership with MetaFi (also known as Gamerich) — a metaverse bank with a wide range of decentralized products that are defining the future of Meta. Our collaboration aims to facilitate more usability for Project SEED’s NFTs and drive blockchain gaming adoption while encouraging our gamers to utilize their NFTs.

MetaFi is a multichain metaverse launchpad for all risk appetites. Acting as a bridge between innovators and backers, MetaFi believes that the best metaverses should have access to a wide range of tailored fundraising solutions that best fit their product and market. As of now, MetaFi offers multiple products with varying risks: Initial Game/Metaverse Offering, Convertible NFT Offering, Venture Bond, Initial Decentralized Offering, Leveraged Token Offering, Secondary Decentralized Offering. Aside from fundraising, they also help metaverse projects with Institutional Capital Exposure, Growth Hacking, and Tokenomics Consultancy.

Both Project SEED and MetaFi align in the value of product-first innovation as well as our mission to disrupt and spearhead the adoption of blockchain gaming and investing. With this synergy, Project SEED is hoping to cultivate much more potential benefits for our NFT holders. In particular, the partnership will help enable the trading of NFT items with instant liquidity, delegate NFTs to other guilds for farming to get daily passive income, rent our NFTs to other players and share profit from the play-and-earn. Our NFT holders can look forward to a very prolific future through what we can achieve with MetaFi in the long term.

Regarding this partnership, Project SEED’s CEO Liko Subakti commented: “I’m excited to welcome MetaFi to our partnership network. Growing our NFT’s utility will be a big step in our roadmap development, following many of our progress with Outland Odyssey and blockchain tech.”

“We are super excited about working with Project SEED and bringing more NFT utility to both of our communities. If you do it right, you can unlock the full potential of what NFTs can have, for users and investors alike.” — a representative from MetaFi stated.

Don’t forget to fill in our KYC Round if you have registered for the Moloch March Test. You’ll be one step closer to experiencing our demo game and being rewarded with NFT Whitelist and $SHILL. You can find the form here:

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