Project SEED Announces Integration With Solana Blockchain

Project SEED is proud to announce technology integration with Solana to build its blockchain game ecosystem.

With a vision of making mass adoption of blockchain through gaming, Project SEED is developing a unique gaming experience that bridges cryptocurrency and the traditional world. The collaboration will allow Project SEED to achieve its long term goals by Solana powerful resources coming from the dynamic community, ecosystem and best in class technology.

While high ETH transaction fees may hinder the process of mass adoption, Solana is obviously a seasoned choice for Project SEED with processing capabilities of 50000+ transactions per second at sub-second finality and average transaction costs of only $0.00001.

Project SEED is an action role-playing title game composed of 3 key elements: NFT + Defi + DAO. So that, people can mint, buy/sell and lease their in-game items tokenized as digital assets (NFT) on Project SEED’s marketplace for a profit. It will monetize the time all players spend on the game, not only pro players. People can’t do that now on traditional game titles.

Most interestingly, Project SEED is a world governed by the community using decentralized autonomous organization. Voting will be available on the platform for players to propose and vote for game development, items library, equipment development and so on.

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Project SEED

Project SEED


Project SEED is a gaming ecosystem built on a blockchain with a strategic focus on mobile devices; includes Game Studio, DEX, NFT marketplace along with Wallet