Project SEED Announces Bug Bounty Campaign — 1M $SHILL to be Won

As we have previously announced, our upcoming Strix Beta Release will go live on June 6, 2022, after a series of other early tests that have been launched. Now that you’re about to enjoy our game soon, we would like to introduce the Bug Bounty Campaign to encourage user contribution in improving the game quality and upgrade the experience to the next level. Let’s find out more below.

In particular, we are thrilled to introduce the Bug Bounty Campaign to reward people who join the Strix Beta Release and are able to find bugs in the game. In this beta version, you can report any bugs directly. Please note that how fast you can find bugs determine which kind of hunter you are, which is also in accordance with the prize you will get: Amateur Hunter, Professional Hunter, and Hardcore Hunter. The faster you are, the bigger the reward is!

Date: June 6 to September

Prize pool: 1,000,000 $SHILL

  • Amateur Hunter: 200,000 $SHILL
  • Professional Hunter: 300,000 $SHILL
  • Hardcore Hunter: 500,000 $SHILL

As a developer, we constantly highlight the importance of having our user feedback and contribution to make Outland Odyssey a better game for all. That is why every test and now — the beta version, plays a vital role in determining its long-term success. This Strix Beta Release is the long-awaited final run to improve our game, so it’s even more crucial to identify any possible improvement areas.

We have been actively collecting your feedback about the other tests with our Feedback Bounty Hunt for more useful insights from the user perspective. And this time, we will need your help in detecting the bugs in the game, contributing to why we’ve decided to launch this Bug Bounty Campaign. Stay tuned for the release and good luck to get a share in 1,000,000 $SHILL!

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Project SEED is a gaming ecosystem built on a blockchain with a strategic focus on mobile devices; includes Game Studio, DEX, NFT marketplace along with Wallet