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The year 2022 has been a great year for Project SEED. The studio achieved a lot of key points in its game development. It’s time to reflect on Project SEED’s accomplishments in this eventful year for the gaming and cryptocurrency industries as a whole.

Q1 2022

Partnerships became the major focus in Q1. Project SEED knows that the studio needs to spread the word wider and faster that they are building a web3 game, Outland Odyssey, and partnering with established communities works awesomely for that.

Through the partnership with Ranker DAO and GEMS (Esports 3.0 aggregator), Outland Odyssey is put on the radar among crypto enthusiasts who are already well-versed with NFT games and the play-and-earn system. Having a guild partnering with Project SEED enables a lot of marketing events within the circle to engage in a shared stream and game-playing. Partnership with MetaFi (GameRich) further facilitates Project SEED’s NFTs and encourages trade.

Outland Odyssey also debuts its first test in Moloch March Test, a closed alpha test with 2,500 official testers chosen from 15,000 entries. This marks the studio’s first big development in 2022 when the game is no longer limited to internal tests.

Q2 2022

We attended our first roadshow with Permissionless as one of the Platinum Sponsors of the event. Project SEED aims to build trust among our current and prospective users, providing real opportunities to help them make informed decisions about our product. The studio’s CEO, Liko Subakti, also presented as one of the panelists in the conference on a break-out stage session.

This quarter saw the release of our open public beta test (titled: Strix Beta Release) that allows players to download Outland Odyssey from Google Play Store. and play it on their Android device. This marks the public’s first experience inside the captivating world of Outland Odyssey. We also launched a Bug Bounty event that happens monthly to encourage players to play and report any bugs they find in Strix Beta Release with one million SHILL prize pool.

Not only reaching out to conferences, but we also held a meet-up with our community. The studio held a meet-up in Port Harcourt City in Nigeria where more than 50 people came. This event aims to engage and communicate closely with the community, especially after the game is out in public beta.

Q3 2022

Project SEED continued with the roadshow event and attended major conferences in this quarter. The studio attended the Futurist event on August 9th-10th, as the event’s gold sponsor and presented a speech at the conference. Project SEED’s CEO Liko Subakti also took on a rare role as a speaker at Prasetiya Mulya University, one of the top private universities in Jakarta. Riding on with the positive recognition, we were excited to hear that SHILL is recognized as a legal cryptocurrency in Indonesia.

Moving on with the beta test and countless bug reports, Outland Odyssey has advanced greatly by Q3, so update version 0.34 and version 0.4 were launched simultaneously in July and August. This quarter becomes even more memorable for Project SEED with a lot of attention the studio’s getting from the Tokyo Game Show (September 15th-16th, 2022). Guests were crowding over the booth, garnering Outland Odyssey a good reception and attention in a major game conference.

Outland Odyssey gets another highlight by being chosen by Blockchain Game Alliance in Gamecons (Germany, August 23rd-28th, 2022) as one of their representative games for its high quality and stellar graphics. Project SEED then attended Token 2049 (Singapore, September 28th-29th, 2022) and gathered over 170 visitors per day in the booth, much to the studio’s satisfaction.The studio was honored when the prestigious #Boxmining visited the booth and tried Outland Odyssey firsthand on the site.

Q4 2022

The highlight in the last quarter of 2022 is how Project SEED engages in various events with communities. The Q4 started with the Allied Network Program that encourages collaboration with KOLs whose opinions are highly valued in the gamers community. In effort to spread Outland Odyssey to a wider audience, the program has successfully onboarded 20 influencers after reaching out to more than 60 KOLs and receiving eager applications from more than 30 applicants. On top of that, Project SEED held AMA (Ask-Me-Anything) in both October and November to directly address the community’s questions. The session was tuned in by 1.6K listeners, with questions answered by CEO Liko Subakti himself.

The community engaging event spreads to seasonal events like Thanksgiving, where #SEEDbake receives over 50 baking entries and their best creations posted in social media. The #SHILLoween ran with the theme of telling horror stories, with the five best stories adapted into Lenora’s mini-comic of her spooky journey in Avoria. The last seasonal event is #SHILLxmas which is currently ongoing and will have its winner announced by early January 2023.

Project SEED’s roadshow continued in this quarter with our representative team going to Thailand Game Show (October 21st-23rd, 2022). December 2022 also marks the end of the monthly Bug Bounty that has been running since June, from the Strix Beta Release. Outland Odyssey has grown considerably since the first beta launch, with update version 0.52 launched in early November and version 0.56 in late November. The new feature introduced in Q4 is the Blockchain Transfer feature that allows players to try depositing/withdrawing tokens in Outland Odyssey.

With all of these achievements, 2022 has become a very exciting year for Project SEED as we have been making significant progress for the studio’s presence and Outland Odyssey as a game. We look forward to the next 12 months in 2023, setting new milestones and receiving helpful assistance from our partners and users.

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