Project SEED 101: Why we decided to make RPGs?

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4 min readOct 1, 2021

Sep 10, 2021 Project SEED has announced its first title Outland Odyssey — an RPG with steampunk design style. Role-playing games have been around since the beginning of time. The era is still here and now they’re becoming more interesting than ever with play-and-earn mechanism that blockchain technology has brought to life. Why has RPG become a choice between genres out there?

First, let’s talk numbers. According to App Annie’s the State of Mobile Gaming 2021 report, there were a total of 80 billion mobile game downloads in 2020, with an 18% YoY growth. Breaking it down in the U.S. market, the RPG genre accumulated over 115 million during the first eight months of 2020, a rise of 1.8 percent Y/Y (SensorTower). We can clearly see the increasing popularity of RPGs in the gaming world and how it can be accelerated in the next 5 years.

However, limited high-quality mobile RPGs are currently available, making it difficult to meet the players’ growing demand. As a one-stop blockchain gaming ecosystem, Project SEED aims to bring just the right technology to the genre. Our action RPG adopts play-and-earn method and other simplified blockchain products so that players can get the best experience in the system. All of these with the immersive graphics, it can be one of your favorites. That’s one reason; scroll down for more on why people always love RPGs.

They have the stories we love

More often than not, all the RPGs offer a sensational storyline featured in breathtaking fantasies that we can only imagine. Take a look at the series of Witcher, Skyrim, or Fallout. The players can immerse themselves in a world of expansive adventures and rewarding challenges that constantly encourage the player’s appeal.

Project SEED is one of the scenes (check its cinematic trailer here). In the first ARPG from this one-stop blockchain gaming ecosystem, these large worlds can be even more captivating. Players fight their way to uncover the truth about the Keepers of Existence, the mythical beings whose miracles can deliver their world from extinction. As they progress through the game, there will be endless possibilities to explore.

The characters we want to become

Players need to feel themselves in the game through the character they play. RPGs usually offer unique character builds that are universal in the game. You are the main role; you lead the game and navigate it with the character you’re playing in.

That’s why having amazing characters is an important factor for RPGs to make them popular. It would not leave a lasting impression or even useless if players don’t have well-suited roles to accompany them in their journey through the game.

Besides the main characters, non-player characters (NPCs) are also something to contribute to the RPG buzz. They are not controlled by the players, making the game’s world more engaging and alive. Some can have important roles as to guide your character, or just be the cherries on top of the game.

For example, in Final Fantasy IX, players can challenge non-player characters with Tetra Master, where most NPCs are uniquely named. Project SEED is also about to release 84 game assets in the upcoming Q1 2022. The game introduces players to an impressive world of characters to choose from.

That we can customize whatever we want!

RPGs allow players to choose powers, weapons, or any other in-game assets and be the best version of themselves. Although they are in the same game for instance, each character is chosen and customized to individual player’s preference. There are many different roles a player can create, giving them hours of excitement and tailoring an adventure that’s unique to one and only one.

In the action RPG by Project SEED, players get to pick their favorite character and upgrade the weapons to have optimal wins. Now built in a blockchain ecosystem, Project SEED game provides players complete freedom in trading gears and items in the game itself. Players can have nearly everything they want in the game as long as it’s traded in the marketplace. Customizable at its best!

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