Outland Odyssey’s Strix Beta Release Is Now Live with 1M $SHILL Prize Pool

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4 min readJun 6, 2022


Outland Odyssey has reached another step in its pre-launch test. This time, the upcoming Strix Beta Release is OPEN FOR PUBLIC and is now available on Project SEED’s website: https://projectseed.io

In this open Beta test, players from all over the world are invited to take a spin and venture into Outland Odyssey’s environment first hand. We encourage players to find bug(s) in the game as fast as possible and report it in order to get $SHILL reward!

How do I access the Outland Odyssey Beta release?

Players will be able to download the Beta through Project SEED’s own website. Just make sure that you have an android phone and install the game by downloading from our website!

Aside from our website, Outland Odyssey will soon be available over Google Play store. Project SEED will keep you updated through our Telegram and Twitter channel, so make sure that you have followed us there!

We want this Beta to represent what Project SEED has done and created so far, so we made this test available for people all over the world.

Is there a reward for participating?

Like our previous pre-launch tests, Strix Beta Release also has its own objective for players to engage this time: the 1M $SHILL Bug Bounty Campaign. The aim is simple: find bugs in the game, the faster you report them, the more $SHILL you will win.

Players are welcome to report any bugs directly to our website. There are prizes in accordance to how fast you report the bugs in:

Amateur Hunter: 200,000 $SHILL

Professional Hunter: 300,000 $SHILL

Hardcore Hunter: 500,000 $SHILL

We appreciate our players’ time and dedication, so we know your feedback and contribution (plus the bug reporting!) is important to make Outland Odyssey offer the best gaming experience for everyone.

Where do I report the bug?

You can head here to report the bugs that you found in the game. Please use the email & password that you created upon first logging in to Outland Odyssey. After signing in with the same email & password, please provide the needed details such as:

  1. Title of the bug
  2. Description of the bug you experienced
  3. How to replicate the bug: what are the steps (for example: launching the app, going into Hunter Hub and leaving, equipping something and experiencing a bug) that you did prior to getting the bug.
  4. Upload the screenshot of the bug or the screen recording of it

Don’t forget to provide your account name and your email (that you previously used in game to log in!). Give details like your phone model and your country, hit the Submit button and you’re done.

By doing so, you are eligible to take part in the 1M $SHILL prize pool (whoop!). Don’t forget that the faster you report the bugs in, the bigger your share!

We also welcome every insight that you have after playing the game. Project SEED aspires to do better and bigger in the live version after the beta release, so we encourage you to also send in your suggestions (gameplay, voices, graphics, overall experience that you think may need improvement) over the website too!

We cannot express enough of our gratitude to you and we’d love to hear how you are enjoying the land of Avoria in Outland Odyssey so far!

What is different in the Beta test?

As this game is still in Beta version, all assets that you get in the test will not be carried over to the actual game.

This applies to the drop mechanic and the amount of O2 token (the in-game currency). As the test includes measuring the balanced and healthy game economy in the long run, the O2 tokens in Beta test will only serve in-game purposes to craft and upgrade your character and equipment.

You cannot redeem any O2 token earned in this beta test. All assets that players will experience are test assets that do not reflect actual value in live version. Any data or asset stored on the Beta test can be modified, deleted, or wiped without prior notice.

We constantly seek your feedback to identify any possible improvement to Outland Odyssey. The Strix Beta Release serves as a preview to all players across the globe and to gain insights from user perspective. We need your help in contributing in our Bug Bounty Campaign so we can detect bugs in the game and you get the chance to get a share in the 1M $SHILL prize pool!

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