Outland Odyssey Update Version 0.34 is Now Available with Better Graphic

We’ve gained a number of reports from early June and Project SEED has addressed the issues our players talk about. In update version 0.34 (available in Google Play), we have fixed several bugs and added extra features to improve players’ enjoyment!

NOTE: Updating your game to version 0.34 will make you lose your quest progress but you will keep all equipment & inventory.

What’s New in Version 0.34

During the Strix Beta Public launch on June 6th, 2022, Project SEED holds a campaign titled Bug Bounty. The campaign urges players to play the beta and report any bugs they may find in the game. This campaign is still going on and with rewards of a share from total 1M $SHILL, we have gained a tremendous enthusiastic suggestions and reports in our webpage.

On June 20, 2022, we rolled out our latest update (version 0.34) for the game, following everyone’s reports. In version 0.34 we have fixed and added these:

  • Cloud Save
  • Lighting fixes
  • “Invisible wall” fixes at many places
  • Audio fixes
  • Shoulder item fixes
  • Inventory item display fixes
  • AI and skill adjustments
  • Login scene: Reset Password, **** for password field
  • Many other small fixes and adjustment

The cloud save unfortunately needs to wipe out your quest progress, but rest assured that none of your items would be gone. You can find your equipment back in your inventory once you have finished the initial tutorial quest. This means after the addition of cloud save feature. we shouldn’t be losing any progress even if Outland Odyssey gets more updates in the future! So now our beta players can now enjoy their game in a more secure environment.

The reports of “invisible walls” are also fixed so people won’t have difficulty in encountering them again during the quest. Not only the updates and fixes for the environment, we’ve also fixed the bug that made your shoulder armor look way off the characters both in status screen and during travel.

New Version in Comparison

See how much difference in the game prior to v0.34 with the comparison here:

v0.31 v0.34

Version 0.34 also fixes the inventory item display fixes so you won’t see the weird letters again like this!

How to Get v.034 Update?

You should check if your game has already displayed 0.34 in the bottom left corner. If you don’t have the number “BV 0.34” in your game yet, then simply head to Google Play and update your game!

If you are still at 0.31 and Google Play didn’t seem to update your game, simply uninstall and install the game again. Then you’ll notice that your game is now at v0.34 too!

Don’t forget to share your hunt and report any bug you may find again now in this new version!

Outland Odyssey Bug Bounty Campaign is still LIVE now! (previous batch winner can be found here -insert link to twitter post- ) Project SEED is looking forward to seeing your new suggestions too!

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