Outland Odyssey in the Future of Web3

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3 min readFeb 15, 2023

Play-and-earn is pretty common in web3 games, but many argue it doesn’t have much difference to simply “a game where you make money.” Outland Odyssey definitely wants to change that impression. How is the game going to do that?

In Outland Odyssey, the focus is not solely on short-term monetary gain, but rather on long-term engagement and building a thriving community. Play-and-earn games like Outland Odyssey are gaining popularity as a more sustainable and community-driven model for online gaming. By prioritizing fun and creating a sense of community, Outland Odyssey has the potential to revolutionize the online gaming landscape.

Outland Odyssey Prioritizes Fun Element

Outland Odyssey does not want to send a message that you play a game solely for gaining money. At the heart of Outland Odyssey, play-and-earn game is the emphasis on making the gaming experience enjoyable for all players.

This is achieved by designing games that are challenging, engaging, and rewarding, without putting too much emphasis on earning rewards. Players are motivated to continue playing because they are having fun, not simply because they want to earn money.

Sure, the earning factor still exists but it feels like a bonus rather than a target to achieve. Playing a game, defeating a boss, and crafting your coveted item is the main attraction. Bored with how an armor looks or has this equipment outlived its use? Sell it away! So instead of crafting armor for the sake of selling it, Outland Odyssey gives you more windows to sell your unused items.

Cultivate a Community

One of the key components in Outland Odyssey is building a sense of community around the game. This is achieved by encouraging players to form teams and guilds, participate in events and tournaments, and interact with each other in-game. We already have a big discord channel with many players joining aboard. A strong sense of community creates a sense of belonging and investment in the game, which motivates players to continue playing and contributing to the Outland Odyssey’s success.

Outland Odyssey is Accessible for All

Outland Odyssey is designed to be accessible to everyone, regardless the players’ skill level or experience. This is achieved by offering a variety of game quests and difficulty levels, as well as in-game tutorials. This ensures that players of all skill levels can enjoy the game and feel confident in their abilities.

Not only that, Outland Odyssey is available for FREE, without any initial investment to start the game. Unlike many web3 games, players do not have to own NFT first to start playing. Outland Odyssey intends to be open and widely accessible to anyone, be it of web3 community or not.

Players and Community as Partners

Outland Odyssey players and community are seen as partners in the success of the game. So in the beta version, Outland Odyssey went on a long campaign that invites everyone (open to the public) to play and report any bug they may find. The studio, Project SEED, then rewards these bug reporters and testers with tokens to appreciate their time and support.

This means that our community is closely involved in the development and is encouraged to provide feedback and suggestions. Bug Bounty event that lasted for 6 months (June-December 2022) receives tremendous support and feedback from players, in which bugs are swiftly addressed and suggestions are well considered. This helps to build trust and investment in the game and creates a sense of ownership and responsibility among players and guilds.

In conclusion, play-and-earn games like Outland Odyssey have the potential to be the future of Web3 by offering a sustainable, community-driven model for online gaming. By prioritizing fun, cultivating a sense of community, making the game accessible to everyone, and involving players and guilds in the success of the game, play-and-earn games can provide a more engaging and rewarding gaming experience for all.

Eager to try Outland Odyssey for yourself and be part of the welcoming community? Download the game here and start your very own journey now!



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