Outland Odyssey: Early Test Demo Gameplay

As a GameFi Metaverse Ecosystem, Project SEED wants to offer users the best experience focusing on next-gen gaming. Built by an AAA gaming studio, Outland Odyssey is our first game title that is expected to launch in Q2 2022. With our upcoming Early Test of the demo game on December 25, 2021, users will be able to take the very first step into the Outland Odyssey gaming world where you can gear up and prepare for real combat.

What is Outland Odyssey about?

Outland Odyssey tells an uplifting story of adventuring to save the world. It is an action RPG that allows players to explore and survive in a dying metaverse where they can hunt, capture, and train creatures called Zeds. This steampunk-designed game leads a captivating gameplay, embedded with positive imprints that destruction is not imminent and the characters are still hopeful that the world can be saved.

The combat will be fast-paced and focused on allowing the players to actively dodge and strike at the enemy in real-time. They will use a combination of standard attacks and directionally aimed special moves acting like a faster version of a MOBA. The player will be aided by a team of friendly Zeds that they have captured and trained as allies.

Outside combat, the game revolves around exploration and crafting. The players can use the materials earned from defeated Zeds to craft new gears and unlock new cities/lands to explore. They will choose a quest from town and be spawned into a procedurally generated map.

Outland Odyssey Demo Gameplay

You will start the game as Lenora — one of the hero characters in Outland Odyssey to begin exploring Avoria.

From this point, players will spawn in Hunter’s Haven — a city in Westbarren and walk around the town. You will navigate through the whole area using the joystick on the bottom left. Feel free to move around in this action-packed place through the lands of Avoria and scout the game firsthand.

Before embarking on this adventurous demo, you’ll be introduced to a tutorial Training Camp, where there are several Zeds and mini-missions for you to start practicing with the gameplay in the game.

When you’re ready to immerse in real battles, find and approach the Guildmaster to receive a quest. Game fact: The Guild is the place for any Avorian who is not afraid to face the unknown. As a member of the Guild, Avorians will do anything to save their homeworld!

After getting one of the quests, you will venture out into the open world, where a map is available to navigate your way through the city. Keep adventuring yourself with the quest objectives and combat with Zeds along the way. When it’s time to fight the Zeds, here’s a pro tip: There are many types of Zeds in this demo, so watch out for their different attacking moves and spot them on the map to have victorious combat!

This is only the pre-alpha version of Outland Odyssey so there is unlimited potential to further develop this steampunk ARPG. We’ll be back with more exciting features in the next test!

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Project SEED is a gaming ecosystem built on a blockchain with a strategic focus on mobile devices; includes Game Studio, DEX, NFT marketplace along with Wallet

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Project SEED

Project SEED is a gaming ecosystem built on a blockchain with a strategic focus on mobile devices; includes Game Studio, DEX, NFT marketplace along with Wallet