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6 min readNov 2, 2022

Another month has wrapped up and Project SEED is having a lot of social activity in October. The studio has spread its wing even farther to reach more people and here are all the activities for the past month, both finished and on-going!

Launching Allied Network Program for Outland Odyssey an NFT Game

Project SEED reaches out to several influencers to better broaden the Outland Odyssey community. The program dedicates itself to KOLs whose opinions are highly valued in the gamers community, both from crypto and non-crypto background.

Outland Odyssey as a hybrid NFT game slash ARPG is having a unique position in the gaming community. This was the decision on why the studio sees a collaboration with influencers of varying backgrounds will help onboard more players: both to purely have fun and to earn money through NFT.

In October, Project SEED reaches out to more than 30 KOLs, with 10 KOLs currently (in the time of writing) in the negotiation process. The program also successfully gains allies like Crypto Hustle, Crypto Twilight, and Pioney NFT. There are several individuals that come forward and apply to the program too.

The enthusiasm may come from the many benefits for KOLs onboard. The program allows them to welcome even more players from their respective communities into Outland Odyssey with added buffs. Some of the offered rewards are $SHILL tokens for reward per referral, monthly USDT airdrops, and revenue share on referrals’ in-game purchases.

Project SEED — Outland Odyssey Soaring Social Score and Exposure

Project SEED and Outland Odyssey create a great buzz with around 20 accounts mentioning the studio and the game repeatedly across October. Around 20 accounts on Twitter are mentioning $SHILL token, Project SEED, and Outland Odyssey as a project and NFT game. Here are the compiled mentions that the studio have gathered:

This shows how much interaction the community is doing and growing, with more and more eyes on Outland Odyssey as it is being listed many times with big-name NFT games. Project SEED aims to keep this momentum with Outland Odyssey to best launch its next big update soon to keep users engaged.

Community Inclusive Voice AMA with Project SEED CEO

On October 13th, 3PM CET, Project SEED held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Telegram channel. The event was first published on social media and more than 500 questions were already submitted prior to D-day. The surge of curiosity was welcomed warmly by Liko Subakti, Project SEED’s CEO, in the AMA session that was live with many listeners.

The questions were certainly repeating a theme: how is Outland Odyssey peculiarly “a FREE to play but a play-and-earn?” Many asked why Outland Odyssey tries to include non-crypto conventional gamers, instead of just a crypto game for the crypto community.

Liko, in the talk session, assured that Outland Odyssey can sustain the game economy despite being a free play-and-earn. He explained that the game’s unique proposition lies in its playability as a genuine game to have a fun experience, to play at leisure instead of for monetary chasing. This is partly the reason why Outland Odyssey wants to attract conventional gamers, as these are the people who want to enjoy a game for its playability and fun. The game economy does not rely on purely NFT sales, so Outland Odyssey combines the token economy with in-app purchases like conventional games.

The discussion went on for an hour and there were three extra questions being asked near the end of the AMA. Liko assured listeners and askers about the game’s future growth and plan for a second game.

Outland Odyssey Bug Bounty: October Edition

Bug Bounty has been a recurring event ever since Strix Beta Release was released in June. The Bug Bounty has been beneficial to both Project SEED and players as it urges players to find and report bugs while gaining reward at the same time for the time and effort. It also made Outland Odyssey live up even more, even after 5 months in the beta stage.

Hundreds of players managed to find even more bugs after update version 0.423 was released in August. In October alone, there are 113 bugs that are found and reported.

The Bug Bounty event has its winners categorized into 4 classes: Amateur, Professional, Hardcore, and MVP rank being the most special for the high number of bugs reported. The October Bug Bounty has a total of 22 winners from the 4 ranks division. Project SEED cannot appreciate and thank you enough for the amount of dedication that players have continuously given.

Attending in Thailand Game Show

Not only virtually active with the AMA live events to social media mentions, Project SEED’s team also attends the Thailand Game Show held on October 21st-23rd, 2022.

The representative team went to attend South East Asia’s biggest game conference and found a stark difference to last month’s Tokyo Game Show. At Thailand Game Show, a lot of exhibited IPs are having blockchain integration. This shows how crypto games will soon be mainstream enough for the public, especially in the SEA region as these IPs are of local developers.

Spooky Halloween #SHILLoween Event

It is barely October if one does not participate in the Halloween event. This year, Project SEED celebrates Halloween in its own way: having a ghost story competition through social media.

Project SEED urges the community to share the scariest ghost story they ever heard or have to win a reward. By posting a ghastly story to social media with #SHILLoween hashtag, anyone is eligible to be chosen as one of 10 winners of the event.

The event still runs until November 4th, 2022 and the studio is looking forward to reading the submitted stories. Some of the best stories will be adapted into spooky stories starring Lenora, so Project SEED hopes that it will attract and amuse the Outland Odyssey community too.

October has been quite a lively month with all the past activities, mentions, and one ongoing event. It is impressive how much recognition that Project SEED’s team has gained in a month. Here is another hope that Outland Odyssey and Project SEED will grow even bigger and richer in the future!

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