NFT Hunting Campaign, Activities, and more: A Recap of February

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3 min readMar 1, 2023

February has been a blast with the NFT Hunting Campaign happening, so let’s recall all the excitement that has been happening in the month.

We have several notable highlights this month: invited as an honored guest speaker, holding exciting events, and even more influential game influencers joining! Let’s take a look at all these highlights in detail.

Project SEED’s Spectacular Event

Liko Subakti, the CEO of Project SEED, was invited to be a guest speaker for Sage Hill Blockchain Initiative. This invitation was coming directly to Project SEED and we are happy that we could provide insights in discussions about blockchain. Liko’s speech was focused on the topic of “Blockchain-based Gaming in the Web3 Ecosystem”, where he shared his insights on how blockchain technology can transform the gaming industry.

February marks another important event for Outland Odyssey too. The NFT Hunting Campaign officially kicks off in the month and we’ve successfully gained 1250 public responses!

NFT Hunting Campaign consists of several rounds, each with a piece of unique equipment NFT. We wrapped up the 1st Round in February with Lunar Mask NFT as the exclusive prize. So if you missed out on this round, you can only try to find it on sale in the marketplace by other players who may choose to sell it later.

But don’t worry, there are more exciting rounds as we have more exclusive NFTs for the next round. These will form a complete set of equipment that you can use in Outland Odyssey once it launches. Only 1 NFT/player so make sure to join and don’t miss out on future giveaways!

New Influencers Unite with Project SEED

We have several influencers with a huge following joining us! These are the top names who freshly joined Project SEED’s Allied Network Program in February:

In addition, we have content generated about Outland Odyssey from our allies. Check out their videos (these are in Bahasa Indonesia as they are game influencers from Indonesia) over here by Mas Papuyu and Receh Ranger.

Fun February Twitter Spaces

Late February marked our first-ever Outland Odyssey Twitter Space event and the good news doesn’t stop there! For the first week of March, we are going to have a series of Twitter Spaces on Outland Odyssey’s twitter channel with a different guest from the Project SEED development team to talk about the NFT Hunting Campaign.

Project SEED also collaborated with Summoner Arena and Heroes & Empire to hold a Roundtable AMA #1 on February 27th, 2023. We have curated some of the highlights during the AMA that you can read or you can head here to listen for the session recording! Guess how many listeners tuned in? More than a hundred! Join our community and stay tuned for more thrilling news and events!

Project SEED Builds Bridges with its Players

Project SEED has been actively engaging with its community in various ways, including the recently launched #Seedtiktok campaign where players are encouraged to share their one-minute gameplay video on Tiktok using the hashtag #Seedtiktok. This campaign has been a great success, with many players participating and sharing their exciting gameplay moments.

In addition to the #Seedtiktok campaign, Project SEED has also collaborated with Cryptopia, a well-known US-based YouTuber, on a shared promotional campaign. This collaboration has helped to increase the visibility of Project SEED among Cryptopia’s audience, which has been crucial in reaching a wider gaming community!

In conclusion, February was a busy and exciting month for Project SEED and Outland Odyssey. We had a successful community activity, standing in as a guest speaker, and new influencers joining us. NFT hunting campaign also kicked off in February, with an exclusive Lunar Mask NFT awarded to lucky participants who completed the first round.

Don’t miss out on all the exciting events happening in March, including a series of Twitter Spaces and future rounds of the NFT Hunting Campaign. Download Outland Odyssey now to join the fun and become part of our growing community!

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