Moloch March Test Guideline: All You Need To Know

Congratulations to the final 2,500 testers that have been officially selected for our Moloch March Test of Outland Odyssey! This is among our series of pre-launch tests underway for this game, to gain specific insights into players’ actual experience and further improve on what can be done to fully transfer it into a community-driven game. This particular Moloch March Test will feature more epic artwork and fascinating gameplay upgrades along the way for your better gaming experience.

After careful selection from more than 15,000 entries, we were able to choose 2,500 official testers to participate in the Moloch March Test. Technical criteria for a successful whitelist in this test include required mobile phone compatibility, version, and other preferred specifications. The list of the final 2,500 testers of Moloch March can be found here:

Instructions to Start the Test

  • Step 1: The testers will be given a download link of the APK file of Outland Odyssey with login username and password via emails. Be advised that we will send you under this address:
  • Step 2: After downloading the APK file, install it on your phone.
  • Step 3: Launch the game and log in using the given username and password. This is to ensure that the testers are 2,500 selected participants.
  • Step 4: Press Play, and you will enter the demo game.

What’s New in the Moloch March Test

As Outland Odyssey’s core gameplay loop will revolve around combat against wild Zeds, we still keep the focus of the test to be defeating these beasts. However, compared to the Early Test launched in December 2021, the Moloch March Test is expected to bring users many more exciting features to immerse in.

You have had the chance to witness the fabled landscape of Avoria before; now it’ll be back with an improved environment and stunning biomes for you to explore. When diving into the world of Outland Odyssey peeked through this upcoming Moloch March Test, combating Zeds is still the main adventure you’ll be taken on. The testers will be able to enjoy new weapons and armor sets that can help them in battles.

With great power comes great responsibility, we will introduce Zeds with more devastating abilities so you can use your upgraded weapons to the fullest. New special effects and the hidden power of these gears can take your testing experience to a new level. The odyssey in Avoria this time will be more challenging yet thrilling than ever before.

Stay tuned as we will release more exciting updates about the Moloch March Test!










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