March Monthly Recap and Development Update

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5 min readMar 31


Greetings, Avorian!

It’s time for monthly update! The team has been working hard to make the game even better, and we’re excited to share our progress with you. We’ve got some exciting news for you and a recap of all of our activities this month, so let’s dive right in!


Our texture artists haVE been working tirelessly on creating high-quality textures for the game’s assets. The team has been busy adding new textures for items, characters, and many more, immersing you deeper into the game. From character apparels to weapons and armor, they have ensured that every element in Outland Odyssey looks absolutely stunning.

  • Companion — Ember
  • Companion — Erin
  • Quiritor Armor

Concept Art

Our concept artists have been going wild with their creativity. The team has been busy designing expressions that will bring characters to life, and they’ve been creating different environment assets that will leave you breathless. Get your weapons and get ready to see new stuff in Avoria.

  • Ilan Facial Expressions
  • Quicksand
  • Zandwulf Elemental Progression

Character Art

Our character artists has been working on new assets for the game, so prepare yourself to see something and someone new. The team has also been working on improving the visual quality of the existing characters, so they look even more awesome than before. Hearts and souls were poured by the team, so here you go!

  • Dark Element Zed Armor
  • NPC Brute
  • Ranged DPS from Copperhead


The environment team has been hard at work, creating new vegetation, structures, and other environmental elements for the game. More than that, the team has also been working on new lighting effects. No matter what part of Avoria you’re exploring, you’ll feel like you’re truly there.

  • Carnivorous Plant
  • Healing Mushrooms
  • Tutorial Map decorations


Our animation team has been hard at work creating new and improved animations for the game’s characters. For example, more life-like character and Zed movements, making the gameplay more engaging and exciting. It’s time to step into your role, feel the character and become a true hero.

  • Lenora New Idle Animation
  • Lenora New Run Animation
  • Strix Sky Wrath


Our VFX team has been working on adding special effects to Outland Odyssey. They’ve been enhancing the visuals of the game’s environmental and skill effects, making them look even more spectacular. Even moving your character around will feel satisfying to you and looks absolutely incredible.

  • Lenora Dash skill
  • Loot Object VFX
  • Sand Glitter

Game Design

Our game designers have been focusing on making the game more challenging and fun. They’ve been working on balancing, designing new levels, implementing companion and dialogue system, AI behaviors, and many more. We can’t wait for you to experience the exciting new features that our designers have been working to create.

  • New level designs


The programmers have been working hard on improving Outland Odyssey’s performance and stability. They’ve also been developing new features so you can experience new functionalities while playing. From new functionalities to quality of life improvements, our programmers are committed to making your experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible.

  • FEEL implementation
  • Skill banners

Activity Recap

March was quite an exciting month for us! Aside from all the game developments, we had a lot of amazing events and activities that we want to summarize here for you. So sit back, relax, and see how many you attended yourself!

NFT Hunting Campaign Round 2

This event started on March 15th and ran until March 30th, giving players the chance to win a Lunar Chest Armor NFT.

Influencers Activity

1. 12 KOLs have participated in NFT Hunting Campaign Round 2 promotion. Creating a total of 9 videos & 6 community posts, they gained total views over 7000!

2. New KOL joining: ALROCK, Crypto Youtuber from Philippines with 45k followers, covering general NFT games review, and also covering project reviews, earning, airdrops

Social Media Events

1. Outland Odyssey Twitter Space #3: NFT Hunting Campaign in Animation Perspective (1 March)

2. Outland Odyssey Twitter Space #4: NFT Hunting Campaign in Designer Eyes (2 March)

3. Outland Odyssey Twitter Space #5: NFT Hunting Campaign and Music (7 March)

4. Outland Odyssey Twitter Space #6: NFT Hunting Campaign in Player’s Perspective (10 March) — with KOL: NomadFury

5. Outland Odyssey Twitter Space #7: NFT Hunting Campaign Innovative Way Blockchain Technology Can Shape the Future of Gaming (16 March)

6. Outland Odyssey Twitter Space #8: Outland Odyssey’s Portrait Mode From the Players’ Perspective (27 March)

7. Roundtable AMA #2 “NFTs and Their Evolution” with PlayOne and DareNFT (29 March)

Community Activity

1. Thai art t-shirt campaign over the internet

2. #SEEDlogo design contest for community (ends on 15 March 2023)

3. Nigeria Meet Up on March 26th in Port Harcourt was a success with over 124 people joining! Here are some snippets of the gathering where everyone have fun.

That’s all for this month’s update, Avorian! We hope you’re as excited as we are about the activities and the new stuff coming to Project SEED and Outland Odyssey. Thank you so much for your support and stay tuned for more news on our epic journey!

Happy hunting,

The Project SEED Team



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