July Monthly Update

Project SEED
4 min readJul 31, 2023

Greetings, Avorian!

It’s time for another exciting Monthly Recap where we’ll share the progress and activities Project SEED has gone through in July. Get prepared for the amazing visuals shared from our arts teams and the amazing community events we’ve done!

Concept Art

The concept team has created another amazing set of charming characters for Outland Odyssey! You can see the amount of thought and dedication poured into creating this healer from The Pale Peaks. From his glowing wand to the contraption on his waist, and his well-coordinated outfit, how can someone look so stylish in Avoria?

Introducing another concept design to the range of ruthless warriors in Outland Odyssey: a melee character from Copperhead! His tattoo complements his fiery red hair so well. Every sharp point in his outfit serves a purpose, defending his body while dealing damage to the Zeds. It’s truly a potent and deadly mix crafted by our concept team!

Creative juice must be overflowing in the department, imagine all these variations to characters’ expressions and the variety for healing plants! Our artists want to make sure that these important plants would blend well into the diverse environment. See how each of them has a unique feature: the bulb, that will be an easy to spot feature when you want to heal!

Texture team

After the concept team’s amazing imagination, it’s up to the texture team to bring these designs to life in our in-game visuals! Take a look at how polished these Zeds are. Notice the ruffled feathers on Strix’s wings and the taut muscles on Dakk’s body, each with a different feel from the jutting-out sharp shards.

We have more images for new characters, this time reserved for Potioneer and the Blacksmith lady. The grunge tone color really fits well with the dusty environment in Hunter’s Heaven, don’t you think?

Activity Recap

AMA with CEO Liko Subakti

We hosted an Ask-Me-Anything session with Project SEED CEO, Liko Subakti himself taking the speaker’s podium (virtually!). We had over 540 questions asked for Liko’s AMA on July 6th, 2023. He generously shared and mentioned several exciting projects, like the Grow Program, Staking, and possible Outland Odyssey official launch in the near future! We are grateful for everyone’s eager participation and deep questions in this event.

Community Event

AMA #4

On July 12, 2023 we hosted another round of AMA with Guga from Project SEED, Frank from Apeiron, Zoey from MetaLine. The topic that time was “The Strategic Future of Blockchain in Gaming”, where we discussed extensively together with the esteemed guests.

#SEEDLIFE campaign

Embrace the adventure, share the fun! The #SEEDLIFE campaign brought in a lot of amazing pictures where Outland Odyssey players show off where they play the game on any occasion!

From a scenic alleyway to waiting time at the grocery store, we sure hope you all have a blast of Outland Odyssey quick battles and reap cool armor for Lenora!

Have you seen this photo where our furry friend also joined the fun? We also saw some players gaming on Outland Odyssey while waiting for traffic! Don’t forget to put your safety first and make sure you’re aware of your surroundings!

Project SEED’s Conference Attendance

Last but not least, Project SEED’s CEO went to Tokyo, Japan again by the end of this month for another conference! He attended WebX, Asia’s leading Web3 conference, attracting key Web3 figures from more than 50 countries. We hope that we will get a great in-depth discussion and forge new connections!

We may have to say goodbye to July, but we are eagerly progressing toward the exciting major events from Project SEED very soon in the future! Stay tuned for amazing announcements and download Outland Odyssey now to join a RPG journey of your own!

See you on our next monthly update!


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