January Recap: A Month of Exciting Events

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2 min readFeb 1, 2023


It’s been an event-packed month and here we are to share a recap of all the excitement! From exciting events to new partnerships, Project SEED has been working hard to bring you the best experiences. Let’s take a look back at all the highlights of January 2023!

A Recap of Bug Bounty Event

Our bug bounty event ran from June to December and was a resounding success. Players rallied together to uncover and report any bugs and vulnerabilities in Outland Odyssey, and we’re grateful for their tireless efforts.

With over 104 players reporting in, the Bug Bounty event is finally over in January and the rewards have been distributed! A big thank you to everyone who participated and helped make this event a success!

Eventful January to Welcome the New Year

Starting the new year with a bang is what Project SEED aims to bring in January. We’ve got the Christmas Hampers event all wrapped up in the first week of January, followed by the Lunar New Year event by mid-January. We had a jam-packed schedule of events lined up to make sure the new year started with a roar!

The most recent event: Red Packet of Luck just had its winners announced on Jan 30th. The event was meant to commemorate the Lunar New Year and share blessings with everyone across the globe.

Project SEED initiates several community engagement activities as well, namely the Youtube tutorial competition, an event that encourages the community to make a tutorial-like video to be shared on youtube. We also have another event: the Thai Pongal #seedart that drives creativity within the community to show off their best art and was held until January 31st.

Even More Influencers On Board

Good news also coming from our Allied Network program with influencers joining us from all corners of the world! With a diverse group of gaming experts and content creators on board, Project SEED is positive that we’ll bring you the best gaming experiences in Outland Odyssey.

Our new on-board allies are coming from Indonesia, Philippines, UK, Russia, and so on. With total of 9 KOLs joining us in January, here are several notable ones with amazing numbers of followers:

We are super excited about future developments Project SEED may greet in 2023. Get ready to start the new year off with a bang and join us for an exciting journey ahead!

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