Introducing an One-stop Project SEED Handbook

We have put together an in-depth guide that offers very easy access to information about Project SEED that is entirely public to all users. What’s more exciting is that it will be constantly updated as we make progress in our roadmap development. You can consider this your dictionary of Project SEED, where you can look up any concept or definition that we have been developing in our metaverse.

All you have to do is go to this link: and browse through the page. The table of contents is located on the left side, categorized into 8 main sections: Introduction, Ecosystem, Outland Odyssey (our upcoming game), SHILL Token, O2 Token, Roadmap Update, Community, and Press.

A glance at our documentation page

Our wide range of blockchain-empowered features, games, and tokens are coherently showcased across the documentation with selective visualization of data. Below is a snapshot of these integrated elements in the Project SEED metaverse ecosystem.

Game Hub: Consists of a world-class gaming studio and is built upon a multi-chain and cross-platform structure.

GameFi: Includes DeFi Features of Wallet, Staking, In-App Swap, and Lending assets. Our NFT program benefits partnership and community creators, with NFT auction badges. Rental and merchant-related marketplace.

DAO: Integrated for project developments, and the community will be playing a major role in deciding our direction. Almost every user can become a Proposer, and everybody can be the Voter to build a better Project SEED.

E-sport: We partner with industry leaders in E-sport to organize local, regional, and global tournaments. Also sponsoring our own E-Sport team to bring Project SEED Games into the global gaming community.

Growth Program: Aims to empower a bigger growth in the blockchain gaming industry, including Builder, Grants, Incubation, SEED Launcher.

Outland Odyssey: Offers a real role-playing experience, co-op multiplayer adventures, tournament battles, and guild wars with your mates. Players can create their own Dungeon, tame Zeds, complete quests, and collect rare NFT assets.

$SHILL: Our utility token used in the ecosystem. The supply of SHILL is limited by a maximum of 1,000,000,000 tokens. In most of its use cases in the ecosystem such as NFT minting, enhancement, and other in-game activities, $SHILL will be burned, decreasing the supply.

$O2: Our game token. We will be using the Inflationary and Deflationary System (Dynamic Economy) to control the supply and burning for $O2 to maintain the balance of the circulating supply.

If you are looking to know more, feel free to dive into this dictionary. We hope you can find anything you need here; or not, we’ll be happy to answer you from our official channels.

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Project SEED

Project SEED is a gaming ecosystem built on a blockchain with a strategic focus on mobile devices; includes Game Studio, DEX, NFT marketplace along with Wallet