Inside the NFT Creator Program of Project SEED with Outland Odyssey

As a GameFi Metaverse built by an AAA game studio, Project SEED aims to create multiple games as we build our ecosystem. Project SEED started with the first game, Outland Odyssey, a mobile action RPG game, which comes with unique features including NFT Creator Program and other NFT initiatives. Read on to find out how this program can benefit users and institutions in our metaverse ecosystem.

Outland Odyssey Game Assets As NFTs

The majority of Project SEED Metaverse NFTs will be usable in all games created by Project SEED Studio and will be usable across the ecosystem in Project SEED Grow Program Partners’ games. In Outland Odyssey, they are the in-game assets such as the hero characters, Zeds, weapons and armor.

Heroes are the characters that players will pick when starting the game and explore Avoria. There are several classes including warrior, hunter, and technomancer. They can also be customized with a great variety of skins and armor. Each character and class have different abilities and skill sets.

Mighty and monstrous, Zeds are the beasts that roam around Avoria. Players can defeat the Zeds for loot drops for other benefits such as crafting armors, weapons, or selling them. They can also tame the zeds as their partners in battles.

Players can craft weapons and armors from the defeated Zeds’ loot. The Zed’s ability will reflect in the effectiveness of the armor and weapon, and then boost the specific stats when the player wears them.

Partners’ Benefits in our NFT Creator Program

By participating in Project SEED’s NFT Creator Program, users and institutions can create in-game assets (NFTs) with their design and brand, and more importantly, earn royalty from the NFT trades. You get to have 1% Lifetime Royalty Fee of Creators’ NFTs Trading Volume when they are traded on Project SEED Marketplace.

The benefits are even more universal than that. Our partners have the privilege to have initial NFT Auction/Launch on their NFT Marketplace. As our game assets in Outland Odyssey will be minted as NFTs, there are specially designed limited edition NFT sets that include: Zeds, weapon, armor, shield, foot gear, head gear, and accessory. Our creators will also have 30% ownership of Creators’ NFT Total Supply on negotiable terms.

Partners’ Responsibility

In order to ensure minimum conflict in the life of the partnership and foster mutual benefits, we have certain responsibilities from partners when they join our NFT Creator Program.

Our partners are expected to partake in co-marketing activities in the scopes of community, media partners, buzz words, and social media to promote both of our presence in the crypto market. Project SEED also requires assistance from partners during the periods of NFT Auction and working with Project SEED’s in-house artists in the designing process.

Project SEED ensures that the game’s quality is on par with the traditional gaming industry, with great 3D graphics and exciting gameplay. Now with our NFT Creator Program in Project SEED metaverse, our gaming world is both immersive and lucrative.

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