How Outland Odyssey Empowers New Players to Access NFTs

Project SEED
3 min readJul 14, 2023

In the ever-changing gaming industry, a new trend has emerged: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). These one-of-a-kind digital assets have transformed the concept of ownership, converting in-game objects and collectibles into valuable possessions.

While opinions on NFT ownership in the market vary, Project SEED views the system as a positive addition to the gaming landscape. In their first Web3 ARPG game, Outland Odyssey, players have the opportunity to learn about NFT ownership, its uses, and its in-game implementation.

Outland Odyssey’s Exclusive NFT

Outland Odyssey, at its heart, utilizes the power of decentralized networks to provide transparency, security, and actual ownership of in-game goods. Each non-fungible token in Outland Odyssey has a unique identity thanks to the use of blockchain technology, offering players exclusive rights and ownership over their digital assets.

Instead of having the NFT as a commodity right from the start, Outland Odyssey invites all people regardless of their blockchain knowledge, to adopt free NFT. The game developer behind Outland Odyssey, Project SEED, had campaigns in the past where they held a free event for everyone on the internet to join. The rewards for participating in the events vary from cryptocurrency to exclusive NFTs.

Player Ownership

Outland Odyssey does not limit the NFT ownership to only those distributed through online events. Players can actually mine, farm, and do the quests in-game to gain digital assets in the form of gold, equipment, and creatures. These assets can be minted into a NFT, making it available even off-game if the player wishes to use it outside Outland Odyssey!

So users may come to the game or join the event and receive a genuine item they can call their own. People can have a good time in game, engage in events, complete activities, and get to know about the Web3 environment, all in the process!

This seamless experience is what mainstream players need to make blockchain, Web3, to NFT, spread and adopted easily. Players are freely given the choice to use the NFTs they gained to play in Outland Odyssey or to save it for future trading, the choice is entirely in the owner’s hands. Only by then, virtual possession finally feels like true ownership.

Outland Odyssey believes the NFT minting & distribution creates a player-driven economy. The game’s practice illustrates the core ideals of Web3 games, allowing players to play a game genuinely for fun instead of monetary gain, to fully own their virtual possessions, and to engage in the blockchain market.

Outland Odyssey’s Future Growth

Outland Odyssey has much more in store for its devoted fan base in the future. Soon, Project SEED will implement a marketplace to house player’s trading with their digital assets. Players can exchange their NFTs, opening up new options and adding depth to the game experience.

Are you ready to set off on an adventure unlike any other? Play Outland Odyssey to discover the power of NFTs and the genuine spirit of Web3 gaming! Download the game now and enjoy the journey. It’s time to jump into the Web3 world and have fun like you’ve never had before!



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