Bug Reporting 101: How to Make Your Contribution Even Better!

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3 min readJun 9, 2022


A thank you note from Project SEED Dev Team

After months of coding and a series of alpha tests, we are proud to be able to make our Beta version available over Google Play and website download. Project SEED would like to pass on a hearty thank you to everyone who has downloaded and played in our latest Strix Beta Release.

Outland Odyssey was launched successfully on June 6th, 2022. We have 118k viewers who watched our game influencers streams during the release day. We are very proud of your enthusiasm!

Along with the release, we also hold a Bug Bounty Campaign to encourage everyone to report the bug you have found in the game during the Beta test. We have received many reports, and we are very thankful for the tireless contribution you have made to us.

How to Make Your Bug Reporting Better

With over a hundred reports on the bugs already, Project SEED is sure to check and solve every issue raised. We appreciate your time to report them and would like to note several more details to make it faster and easier for the developer team to address your concern!

Project SEED saw several reports that point out how gamers encountered a bug that, for example, made them couldn’t see an item. We would love to pinpoint the problem, yet we could not identify the error as we could not see your screen when you encountered the bug.

So when reporting a bug, it really helps our developer team if you could specify things like:

  • Item name
  • Mob
  • Mob skill
  • Mission number

or any identifier at all that’s happening during your issue!

For example, a description like “I cannot see Oris Shoulders after equipping it, is very great as it defines what item is bugged (Oris Shoulder) and how you encounter this bug (by equipping it). If you reported the bug description in this manner, we’d immediately know all of the important information we need!

Everyone, the testers and public gamers, have done a wonderful job, and we would love to reciprocate back by fixing the bugs as swiftly as possible. So it would be a great help if you could provide more details like this!

Glitchy Map during Travel

Project SEED has noticed a number of reports about mapping issues, e.g. going through walls or getting blocked by an invisible wall. It would be awesome if you could provide a screenshot of the moment you encountered the bug!

We also encourage everyone to provide their mission data to make it easier for the bugs to get solved. The mission number provided enables developers to immediately re-create the maps for the mission to test and seek the problem that may cause the glitch. This shortens the time we need to make Outland Odyssey better and not let other users encounter the same problem!

There are instances, too, when users report the map issue bug (getting blocked or glitched through things) after leaving the map where the bug happened. These reports, however, made the bug harder to get identified at the exact situation and spot. To address this mapping issue swiftly, please try to stay near the bug (the invisible wall or the passable glitch) when reporting it. This tremendously helps us as it includes your character’s map and location data, so Project SEED’s developer team can instantly pinpoint it.

We highly appreciate all the time you have spent playing and reporting the bug to us. We have read your suggestions too and will surely note them down to make Outland Odyssey even better in its live version in the future!

Don’t forget that we have a 1M $SHILL prize pool reward as our appreciation for your contributions. Let’s hunt the bugs in Outland Odyssey, report them fast, and get your share of the prize reward!

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