Bug Bounty Final Wrap Up

Project SEED
3 min readJan 13, 2023

With the release of Strix Beta test in June 2022, Project SEED also launches the Bug Bounty campaign to live up to the fun in Outland Odyssey. The event has wrapped up after going on for half a year… So how is it going?

We have summarized the happenings and listed all the eligible winners here!

Bug Bounty’s Purpose

Since Strix Beta test is meant to test the game before official launch, the developer needs to see how the game is running in public’s devices and whether there are bugs encountered. To bring accuracy, the Bug Bounty campaign is introduced to encourage players as they play to report any encountered bugs to win a prize!

This way, the developer can immediately identify and address the bugs in the game while players are also compensated for the amount of playtime and hard work that they do.

Players are rewarded in 3 categories according to the severity of the bugs reported:

  • Amateur Hunter: 200,000 $SHILL
  • Professional Hunter: 300,000 $SHILL
  • Hardcore Hunter: 500,000 $SHILL

Six Months Achievements

From invisible walls, bugged icons that display incorrectly, to background music not running smoothly, these are only examples of encountered bugs. In the December Bug Bounty, we also featured in Blockchain Transfer to be tested as well. A total of 104 players filed their reports and most of them did not only file one report but plenty across the months!

Here is the list of all winners and their rewards!

We do hope that everyone who plays Outland Odyssey has a lot of fun! Even without Bug Bounty, Outland Odyssey will stay updated with new patches. We will bring more surprises to the game, like the snow & Christmas decorations in Hunter’s Haven starting from December 24th, 2022. Please look forward to other in-game events and the eventual official launch!

Congratulations to all winners and we hope that you will participate in Project SEED’s future events!



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