Blockchain Games and How They Will Become the Next Big Thing

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3 min readJan 12, 2023

Blockchain games have been around for a while and it affects the way gamers play. If you are an avid internet surfer or video game player, you will notice the changes that have been happening in game form, mechanics, and playability.

In May 2022, over 1.15 million daily unique active wallets interacted with blockchain games. More players are into cloud gaming rather than owning physical copy and playing offline. 21.7 million paying users of cloud gaming services spent $1.5 billion on cloud gaming services in 2021 (Newzoo, 2022). The future is even brighter in 2024, when the subscriber to cloud gaming is expected to triple (to 58.6 million) while revenues will quadruple ($6.3 billion).

What is the connection between cloud gaming and the blockchain implementation that piques the players’ interest in this kind of game? Here are five ways how blockchain games will be the next big thing.

Blockchain Games are a Two-way Interaction

Conventional video games put players as the passive users: to play and consume the content generated by developers. Audiences have no way to customize beyond what is offered in the game. Meanwhile, blockchain games make players’ contributions matter into the ecosystem. The more active users in the network means increased value of the in-game tokens and assets.

In illustration, a strong sword sold in the marketplace could be worth much more in a game with a million users than in a game with only a hundred players. The more competition that is happening in the game makes the assets more sought for! This rarely happens in a conventional game where every item has its price defined by the game itself.

Rewarding Gaming Community

Pay-to-play? No, it’s now play and get paid! For example, Outland Odyssey players invest their time to accumulate gold & O2 tokens. The tokens earned can be used to craft an NFT or exchanged for cryptocurrency. Players can also sell their NFTs to earn more token, cryptocurrency, or even exchange it into fiat money!

There have been cases in other titles where players are earning more than their usual monthly salary by playing blockchain games. Here’s a question: if you could be paid by playing blockchain games instead of gaining nothing by playing a non-blockchain game, which one would you go for?

Blockchain Games Offer Clear Ownership

While most games happen in a closed data network where users can hardly claim ownership of their in-game assets like skins or items, blockchain games change that. In Outland Odyssey, for example, players can own their assets like weapon and armor as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which can be legally sold for profit in the official marketplace.

Your in-game possessions in traditional games will eventually lose their worth as the game’s online service ends. Unlike non-blockhain online games, buying and selling activities in blockchain games are protected and legalized as an official way for a player to obtain an item.

Blockchain Games are Open to All

No need to buy a console or prepare a high end PC, you can play a blockchain game from your mobile phone. You don’t have to invest too much in the initial setup to start earning money by playing! Blockchain games are also bypassing the region locks that usually become players’ annoyance when playing from overseas. Blockchain games are mostly open to all, without account or region exclusivity.

Decentralized Gaming

Even in 2023, many game platforms require you to have a wallet account exclusive to its native device/network. The balance or points gained in one account cannot be used in other places. In Outland Odyssey, you can deposit and withdraw your in-game assets as NFT to your wallet and use it in Project SEED’s future games. This makes it easier for casual gamers who like to switch games frequently.

With all of the benefits offered, many believe blockchain games will usher in a new era in the video game industry. Unsure whether to try blockchain games or stick with conventional video games? Try Outland Odyssey which feels like your everyday ARPG with a quest-based monster-hunting game but offers all of the blockchain game benefits.

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