Bear run? Project SEED’s still here and BUIDL

The market sentiment becomes negative after the bull run of #Animal_coin. It has caused some to run off, and some still continue to stay and reap the rewards afterward. We are among the latter. Blockchain games will be a game-changer for the blockchain industry this year. Eventually it will redefine the gaming industry, creating a borderless multiverse among the players as it’s supposed to be.

Blockchain emerged as a disruptive technology that has proved to have ground-breaking applications in many industries. And next in the line, gaming will be another real use case for blockchain. With its core system of a distributed database, blockchain-based gaming is an inevitable trend, releasing more power to the users. In other words, it is the next big thing to watch for with the potential to explode in the year, both investors and players.

For the players: Decentralized network and marketplace

With powerful data encryption technologies, blockchain platforms create a decentralized network and marketplaces, essentially offering a number of solutions to the matter of security and player experiences.

While players usually look for hacked gears and items online because those provided in-game are unaffordable for them. Blockchain gives players no reason to do that. Recently, Project SEED has expressed intention toward a technology integration with Solana blockchain, enabling up to 50,000 transactions per second with transaction fees as low as $0.00001. That means players could buy 1 sword cost penny on Project SEED marketplace without fee concern.

Also, traditional gaming centralizes authority to developer companies to control their games in aspects that are economically decisive for them. Blockchain games provide rights to players. Project SEED uses a decentralized autonomous organization to give players voting power for what they want on the platform. It is an unprecedented breakthrough in a centralized gaming system.

For the developers: Developing games shouldn’t be like before

The unique trait of the distributed network in blockchain technology can significantly improve and revolutionize the ways games are made. Centralized gaming developers have to take the weight of heavy competitiveness, while also generating optimal value for them. The environment is very hostile and not any companies can survive. Blockchain network may just be the right solution.

Project SEED will solve the problem of security and safety. In MMORPG gaming developers have to play cat and mouse games with hackers to patch any security holes that are exploited. Duping is a term that the gaming community knows very well. Hackers can take rare OP items and duplicate it via those security holes. Blockchain security makes it impossible to hack. Well almost. This requires the correct nodes at the correct time for hackers to hack”, CTO Project SEED — Alex Setiawan says.

Blockchain also mitigates the cost of cloud gaming when the server is distributed over a blockchain network. Players and developers can also enjoy an open system of communication with the community consensus based on the system development. It is possible to enhance a blockchain-based game with the say-so of the community.

Converting to local currency is not cost effective and both developers and players have to absorb that conversion cost. Blockchain offers a decentralized method for that. “Hackers and scammers can no longer steal Credit Card information. Hackers also can no longer use stolen Credit Cards to purchase in game items. This greatly reduces the number of fraudulent activities developers have to deal with”, Alex Setiawan says.

Apparently, the distributed, transparent, and open-source nature of blockchains allows many powerful impacts on the gaming industry when the creators start to create and the players start to play. Project SEED is a cutting-edge gaming ecosystem built on a blockchain with an ambition of making mass adoption available for everyone through gaming. The project is to bring the best of both worlds, for both the players and gaming developers & investors, or even ones that do not know about blockchain to make the most of this technology.

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Project SEED is a gaming ecosystem built on a blockchain with a strategic focus on mobile devices; includes Game Studio, DEX, NFT marketplace along with Wallet

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Project SEED

Project SEED is a gaming ecosystem built on a blockchain with a strategic focus on mobile devices; includes Game Studio, DEX, NFT marketplace along with Wallet