August Monthly Recap and Development Update

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4 min readSep 1, 2023


Greetings Avorian!

Welcome to the Project SEED Monthly Recap! Prepare to be amazed as August has been a very busy month for Project SEED! We’ll be sharing the exciting events and achievements that kept us busy, along with some sneak peeks into Outland Odyssey’s development.

Concept Team

Behold the mighty Mullog! This fearsome Zed now comes in a different color and hide variation. Where will this type of variation show up in the forest, the desert, or somewhere else?

Not only has Mullog received a makeover, but Zandwulf also now features a nature element variation that allows it to blend seamlessly with the forest biome. The image shows how this Zed will appear in a quest, fitting perfectly within the biome.

Texture Team

Of course you can bring companions Zeds during a quest, but have you ever wondered where they go when not on duty? The Zed Keepers are the ones responsible for looking after the Zeds and ensuring their safety!

Don’t forget the behind-the-scenes supporter for our brave heroes: the Tech Crafter! Skilled in the art of innovation, she enhances your arsenal, making it more effective and polished on the battlefield.

Activity Recap

We have many exciting events happening this August! From various Ask-Me-Anything sessions revealing ongoing and new projects to the launch of Outland Odyssey, there’s a lot going on!

AMA with the Project SEED Team

On August 4th, 2023, Project SEED’s internal team took the stage to deliver news about several launches that will happen in August. The AMA was the first time the team disclosed the new feature that will be available in Outland Odyssey’s soft launch. The talk revealed details about the SEED: Staking platform, the game’s soft launch date, and future plans for growing Outland Odyssey.

SEED: Staking Launch

Project SEED successfully launched SEED: Staking on August 10th, 2023. This official staking platform offers $SHILL holders the chance to earn even more benefits by staking their tokens. The excitement is soaring as Project SEED also promises rewards for early stakers.

SEED: Staking Competition

The excitement doesn’t end after day one for SEED: Staking! A new competition awaits every week for a month following the launch. From the 2nd to the 4th week, those who have staked at least USD 500 or equivalent in $SHILL are eligible to win another reward of USD 200 in $SHILL! 5 lucky winners will be selected every week, giving everyone an open chance to participate.

KuCoin AMA with CEO Liko Subakti

On August 21th, 2023, Project SEED took the stage with CEO Liko in another AMA, this time in collaboration with KuCoin. The AMA was a significant reveal event, with the CEO himself unveiling Project SEED 2.0, which encompasses both B2C and B2B approaches.

He also shared how SEED: GROW aims to connect aspiring developers and IP owners for partnership projects. This innovative concept has captured the attention of major figures in the game development industry, and each of them has commented on the originality of the project!

Project SEED x Binance AMA

Another AMA was hosted on August 28th, 2023, with none other than Binance itself leading the discussion with Project SEED’s CEO, Liko Subakti. The insights shared in this interaction revolve around Project SEED’s next goals in both B2C and B2B, as well as the studio’s name philosophy: SEED, which means to nurture and grow. This philosophy is reflected through SEED: GROW and the future collaborations between major companies and smaller indie developers, with Project SEED positioned as the bridge.

As the AMA took place right before Outland Odyssey’s Soft Launch, which was launched on August 29th, 2023, Liko also revealed details about the game’s latest build, improved stability, and its multi-chain integration.

Outland Odyssey Soft Launch

Outland Odyssey Soft Launch commenced on August 29th, 2023. Unlike previous versions, this time the game has a load of new features: story quests, dungeon quests, companions and recruitment system, looting & upgrading NFTs, and in-app purchases.

Download the Outland Odyssey Soft Launch build here: and start your adventure in Avoria!

Outland Odyssey GameFest

To make the soft launch even more festive, Project SEED holds a new event for community and new players alike. The Outland Odyssey GameFest event takes place from August 29th to October 3rd, in which there are three challenges that you can participate in!

Join our official Discord server by clicking this link and participate now!

Project SEED’s August Achievements

To underline Project SEED’s expertise, Liko Subakti has been chosen as part of the lineup at Stanford Web3 & AI Research Lab. Additionally, $SHILL/USDT has been featured in the top 3 KuCoin #DailyShare highlights, showing an impressive increase of +33.92%!

This positive growth owes much to our dedicated community members, SHILLERS, and all those who support Project SEED from both the forefront and behind the scenes. We look forward to sharing more exciting news and updates in the coming months. Stay tuned to our social media channels!



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