Announcing Feedback Bounty Hunt for Moloch March Testers

Congratulations to all 2,500 testers who have been selected to participate in our Moloch March Test. We’ve been working on this for months and can’t wait to share with you the significantly improved demo game of Outland Odyssey. To make the experience even more exciting, we would like to announce a Feedback Bounty Hunt to encourage testers to give feedback after enjoying the test.

As you may know, this is among our series of pre-launch tests underway for Outland Odyssey, to gain specific insights into players’ actual experience and further improve on what can be done to fully transfer it into a community-driven game. These times leading up to our game’s release are critically important as we want to ensure a seamless experience for all public players. So your feedback on the game is extremely valuable to us to improve its quality and identify any possible improvement areas.

We are excited to kick off the Feedback Bounty Hunt to reward the most awesome feedback givers. 100 people with the best feedback will get $50 in $SHILL, besides an NFT Whitelist that all 2,500 testers will definitely receive as we had announced before.

Fill in the feedback form here:

*NOTE: Prizes will be distributed to BSC receiving wallets only.

A sneak peek for the testers: You will all have the chance to immerse yourselves in many exciting features, stunning environments, and upgraded weapons to combat with Zeds. We have sent the APK link to the testers via email with login information. You can find a detailed guideline to start the test here: [link to instruction]

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