An Introduction to Project SEED Ecosystem

Project SEED, the one-stop multichain gaming ecosystem, is committed to disrupting blockchain gaming with a sustainable growth vision. Our ecosystem is connected by 5 pillars: Game Studio, GameFi, DAO, E-sport, and Growth Program, presenting unique opportunities to reach more users and take the industry to the next level.

Our ecosystem lives by its definition, offering an extraordinarily wide range of interacting features across the system. It provides everything a player needs in one single platform. This article will provide you with an overview of what we are building.

Our GameFi features give the ease of navigation and operability of DeFi services, NFT, and Marketplace within the Project SEED ecosystem. There will be an in-game and web-based DeFi services and Marketplace for players to execute DeFi within the application itself, and still allow the seasoned crypto players to connect to our Web3 application to execute their DeFi related activities. Players can explore through various DeFi functions including Wallet, Staking, In-App Swap, NFT Marketplace, and Lending assets. NFTs will also be implemented into our ecosystem as a benefit to the item holders for their tamper-proof ownership.

Made by a world-class experienced team, our Game studio offers endless possibilities to create multiple games under the same umbrella. Our first game title — Outland Odyssey offers real role-playing experience, co-op multiplayer adventures, tournament battles, and guild wars with your mates. Players can create their own Dungeon, tame Zeds, complete quests, and collect rare NFT assets. More games of Path of Avoria and Seed of Destiny will be released in the future. We are also collaborating with other Game Studios to implement Play-and-Earn Economics and Blockchain Technology into their games and launch them on our ecosystem.

Targeting to create a transparent and equal gaming environment, Project SEED ecosystem integrates DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) for Game Development, World Advancement, Items Library, Equipment Development, DeFi Features and Development, Uses of Community Treasury, and others for community benefits. Unlike in traditional games where players can only use services, Project SEED empowers them with the right to influence the future of game development. Almost every user can become a Proposer, and everybody will be able to be the Voter to build a stronger ecosystem.

We partner with industry leaders in E-sport to organize local, regional, and global tournaments. Also sponsoring our own E-sport team to bring Project SEED Games into the global gaming community. Our ecosystem also builds a Growth Program, aiming to empower a bigger growth in the blockchain gaming industry, including Builder, Grants, Incubation, SEED Launcher.

Stay tuned for our upcoming IDO. Follow Project SEED for more exciting news and updates:









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Project SEED

Project SEED


Project SEED is a gaming ecosystem built on a blockchain with a strategic focus on mobile devices; includes Game Studio, DEX, NFT marketplace along with Wallet