AMA with KuCoin: From Outland Odyssey to Project SEED 2.0 Ecosystem

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3 min readAug 30, 2023

Greetings, Avorian! In our last AMA with KuCoin, Project SEED’s CEO, Liko Subakti revealed a lot of on-going projects and our game’s soft launch new features.

From Outland Odyssey to SEED: GROW projects, read on to find out the Project SEED 2.0 ecosystem in detail. All from the talk that was sure packed with a lot of important news and teasers!

Outland Odyssey Soft Launch

In overview of the topics from the AMA questions, Liko describes Project SEED as a game developer that aims for a mass adoption for blockchain games. The company currently has two directions at hand: B2C with the Web3 game currently in development and B2B with a range of partnerships in SEED: GROW.

Outland Odyssey, the Web3 game that Project SEED is building, has a soft launch on August 29th, 2023, marking a new phase for the game and the company. Liko promises a lot of new features, such as: story quests, dungeon quests, companions, NFT looting and upgrading, and in-app purchases. The game does not stop there though! Liko has a roadmap pointing towards future development involving staking benefits, a friends system, social interactions, PvP, and more, the adventure is just warming up!

Project SEED 2.0 with SEED: GROW

As Project SEED evolves, so does its scope in product. With Project SEED 2.0, the focus shifted towards the B2B, where Liko mentions an exclusive launch pad for carefully selected partners and IP owners. The studio hustled to forge partnerships across the Asian market, with big names like Sega, Rovio, Square Enix, in the hope that Project SEED can collaborate and help newer and smaller game studios grow.

It was based on Liko’s personal experience and the talk he has with Riot Games, EA Games, and others, about how unpredictable the world of game developing is. New and aspiring developers may find the wall too steep to climb, so Liko proposes that Project SEED can be there to help them build, leverage, and form connections.

This passion turns into the project that Project SEED is currently working on: SEED: GROW. The new innovation aims to empower aspiring developers and studios, making game creation faster, cheaper, and more connected. Liko then confidently said that “nobody is doing what we are doing right now” and that this idea is a refreshing take for the industry.

Tokens, Bear Markets, and Security

When asked about tokenomics and the burn system. Liko said how instead of using security-type burns, tokens will be burned as they are used, reducing supply gradually. Pools will be created to put tokens back into community pools, generating rewards for players. The company will earn a portion of the pool revenue, and a poll will be created to reward users and those who have been staying with the projects for a long time. As for the bear market, Project SEED has braced itself through strategic preparation, proceeding to the next level and getting stronger with a renewed marketing thrust on B2B approach.

A Vision Beyond the Horizon

Liko’s vision is unlike anything the gaming industry has seen before. With an innovative approach, Project SEED is set to revolutionize the industry, partnering with giants and nurturing peers and juniors.

With the soft launch, SEED: GROW ready to sprout, stay tuned to Project SEED as the company will keep growing with even more endeavors!



Project SEED

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