AbdulMajid Isiaka Joins Project SEED as Senior Software Engineer

Project SEED
2 min readOct 4, 2022

Abdulmajid Isiaka is a welcome addition to Project SEED’s growing technology advancement as he brought an array of versatile programming on board. Isiaka once led the integration of IBM Research’s AI, Blockchain, and AgWallet platform, and Project SEED believes he is the right person for building the blockchain environment for the studio’s project.

Isiaka proved from his previous works that he is well accustomed to web designing, building end-to-end applications, training junior software developers, and improving the front-end. His achievements are beneficial to his home country, contributing greatly to developing an international broadcasting mobile application, publishing app, and financial technology.

A number of courses and awards are also within Isiaka’s growing achievements. He had been awarded as 2018 Associate Android Developer by Google, won at Andela Learning Community (ALC) 2.0, having enrolled in Nanodegree by Udacity, and other courses by Pluralsight, Udemy, and Progress.

Not limited to professional hires, Isiaka has been a founder of several projects independently. The notable one being developing web application for transferring funds from any country in the world to Nigeria. He also created Plebplace, an online forum dedicated for cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Project SEED is optimistic that Isiaka is going to support the studio’s growth by miles with his extensive experience in blockchain and application development. The studio is thereby looking forward to the advancements that Abdulmajid Isiaka will show in the future.

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