A Beginner’s Guide to Exploring a New Kind of Gaming Experience

Project SEED
3 min readJul 20, 2023

You may think that you have tried all kinds of games in the world, but have you ever played Web3 games where you can actually own your in-game items and earn real rewards? If you’ve never experienced this kind of game and are eager to give it a try, we have some tips to help you get started!

This article is the perfect starting point to ensure your new gaming journey is a pleasant one. We’ll guide you through the basics, so let’s dive right in and unlock the door to a unique gaming experience like no other!

Step 1: Choose the Trustworthy Chain

Many of these games with true ownership operate on specific blockchain networks. You may have heard of popular ones like Solana and Binance Smart Chain. These blockchain networks serve as the foundation on which the game and its digital assets are built and stored.

Many games operate on a specific blockchain, while others offer multi-chain functionality. In an arcade analogy, some games restrict the use of their arcade coin to a single arcade or its branches, while other arcades allow their coin to be used in any arcade and machine. Similarly, in the world of blockchain gaming, it’s important to research and select a trustworthy blockchain that aligns with your gaming preferences.

Step 2: Select a Credible Game Developer

With the influx of new game developers in the app market, finding the right game can be time-consuming. It can be frustrating to download and try multiple games, only to uninstall them after the tutorial stage if they don’t suit your preferences.

We recommend selecting games developed by credible developers with a solid track record. Social media can be your ally in this to look for projects with transparent development teams. The more active their community engagement is, the stronger their commitment is for security. You can also explore their website and look for reviews first to get a sense of their reputation and player feedback. A reputable developer ensures a reliable and enjoyable gaming experience.

Step 3: Prepare Your Wallet

Now that you have chosen the game you want to play, the next step is to set up a digital wallet. A digital wallet serves as your virtual bank account, where you can store your digital assets, manage them, and conduct transactions.

It is important to choose a reliable wallet that has a proven track record and credibility. Ideally, select a wallet that operates on the same blockchain platform as the game you intend to play. Some popular choices include MetaMask, Trust Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet. Remember to secure your wallet with strong passwords and backup your recovery phrases for added security.

Step 4: Embrace Community and Discussions

The heart of blockchain gaming lies within its vibrant and passionate community. Engage with fellow players as a way to familiarize yourself. You can join community forums or discords, get the understanding on how to earn and own things from the game.

Many game events are spread on the community first, so they are your best bet to get free stuff and game boosters early. Don’t hesitate to ask questions, seek guidance, and share your experiences. The community is there to support and inspire you!

Start and Own Your Adventure

Congratulations! You have read this far and know the basics to start your very own journey in new gaming territory. Remember to choose a trustworthy chain, select a credible game developer, and prepare your wallet. You may not need to set up your wallet immediately if you want to play first and decide later if the game is worth your time!

To begin your journey, we invite you to download and play Outland Odyssey, a classic ARPG that is easy to get used to for casual gamers. You will find yourself seamlessly blend into knowing the game economy and ownership system. Get ready to experience gaming like never before and own your adventure!



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