7 Reasons Why You NEED the $SHILL Token

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3 min readNov 9, 2021


Project SEED’s native token $SHILL was designed to provide plenty of use-cases and lucrative income opportunities for holders. Creating an engaging and entertaining gaming experience for our users was only one part of our goal. It was equally as important for us to demonstrate to our users just how much we value their participation in our ecosystem.

Reap the Ecosystem Rewards Through HODLing

You’ll be hard-pressed to find another token in DeFi that rewards its community the way $SHILL does. $SHILL HODLers are eligible for several rewards which include valuable in-game airdrops, secondary game token distributions, access to SEED launcher incubated projects, and much more! We wanted to make certain our community felt our appreciation for participating in our ecosystem.

Access to a Wide Variety of Game Genres

NFT gaming is quickly becoming the biggest thing since Bitcoin and if you’re passionate about play-and-earn games, you’ll want to stock up on $SHILL! Our holders have access to a wide variety of game genres which include MMORPGs, Battle Royale, First Person Shooters, Real-Time Strategy games, Fighting Games, and Many More!

Peace of Mind Through A Future-Proof Ecosystem

Cross-chain compatibility is a rising issue in DeFi as the need to bridge digital assets allows users to increase profit-earning when trading and selling across different blockchains. Our assets will be issued on multiple chains such as Solana and BSC, with many more to come. This includes $SHILL, NFTs, and our Game Token (O2), preparing our users for a multichain ecosystem.

Utilize In-Game and Off-Game Marketplace

A large part of our mission was to ensure our ecosystem participants had more ways to earn. As such $SHILL holders will be able to buy and sell their NFTs in both an In-Game and Off-Game Marketplace to increase usability and convenience. We also implemented a renting/lending feature that enables users to rent their NFTs to other players as a way to earn a passive income. The transaction is executed by smart contracts that return the NFT to its original owner. They also prevent the person renting the NFT from selling or burning it.

Decide on the Direction of Project SEED through the DAO

Our community is doing more than just participating in our ecosystem, as a $SHILL holder, you have an equal voice in the key decisions that are made surrounding the Project SEED platform. Staking $SHILL provides you with governance rights in our DAO. You can submit and vote on ideas that you feel would benefit the overall ecosystem, truly putting the power in the hands of our community.

Build and Earn Through Our Dungeon Creator

This is yet another way for players to earn while playing Outlander Odyssey. $SHILL holders can create their own dungeons for other players to farm, allowing them to earn more passive income rewards. Each dungeon has a unique ID that is attached to the blockchain and players can expect to receive O2 token airdrops while their dungeon is being farmed.

Stake $SHILL In Our Vaults

Providing liquidity for our ecosystem is yet another way $SHILL holders can boost their profit-earning. As a staker, you’ll have the option between contributing as a single or dual token provider and the choice of a flexible or locked period. Pro-tip: Locking for longer periods will yield higher returns.

Putting Our Community First

While we believe these rewards show our commitment to acting in the best interest of our community, this is far from where the rewards will end. As our ecosystem expands further, we will implement new and exciting opportunities, many of which will be voted on by our users. We thank you so much for your support in helping us get to where we are today, and we look forward to many more achievements together.

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